Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Evening

I wanted to post this last night, but I just ran out of "oomph," so here it is -- early in the morning instead.

Another day fading into night, and things are about the same.

It was my first day back to school after the break. I got up at 4:15AM so that I could shower and dress ahead of the regular morning parade of medical students, residents, and actual doctor types. I straightened and tidied; helped Master into the bathroom -- and back out of the bathroom. I made sure that He had a fresh pitcher of ice, a fruit flavored drink, and clean linen on the bed. I tried to hang around for all the various doctors, so I was still here when the gang of medical students and residents appeared to change the dressing and packing associated with the infection in His belly. It is not a pleasant prodedure -- it hurts Him terribly, and it floods the room with a nasty stench. I wanted to wait for His surgeon to arrive, but I couldn't do it; I had to leave. We waved goodbye, and I took off for the parking garage.

I stopped at a local grocery and bought microwaveable "Lean Pockets" to store in the faculty freezer, so I have something to eat at lunch this week. I got to school about 7:35, and had just over 20 minutes before my kids arrived. From that point on, it was the usual whirl of activity, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with my students.

After school, I headed home to pick up enough clothes to make it through the rest of the week, and headed back here to relieve T and her mother (they spent the afternoon here with Master).

By the time I got here, they had done the procedure to establish His PICC line, so that part of life should be easier. They have also identified the two types of bacteria that are responsible for the infection that we are fighting, so they should be able to more specifically choose appropriate antibiotics. Master was still feeling very worn and miserable, and is becoming very frustrated and depressed by all of this...

They had discontinued giving Him the Pepcid -- one of the medications they have been using to try and alleviate the nausea. When I asked the nurse why, she said something about it being "the hospital policy" to end it after a certain number of doses unless the doctor orders it continued. When I asked her whether she was going to contact the doctor, or if we needed to do that, she agreed to call the resident on call. I also asked her if there was anything else that might be tried for this problem and she did ask that as well, so we have a new anti-nausea medication and a different pain medication. All of that seemed to make the night way better. He slept finally.

I am off to school, and He is going to rest, walk, and breathe. I imagine that we'll be here a few more days. Then maybe home again.



Sir said...

Tell Master hang in there as it took Dad sometime to get back on his feet ( even had to have it done twice, but He was only the 12th in Canada to have it done ).

As for the smell, if his operation hasn't changed too much since Dad's you haven't smelt anything, we keep Glade Air Fresher in business.

It sounds like all is being done to help out Master at the hospital, nice work Trixie.

Hang in there Master I KNOW you can do it!!

Owner of morningstar

selkie said...

oh that is rough! for ALL of you! I'm so sorry things didn't go as smoothly as one might wish --- as Sir says, though, these things happen.

Take of yourself, hun- you're certaintly burning the candle at both ends.

Here's hoping Tom is up and battling this bug SOON.

Cherryleopard said...

Sending my best wishes to all of you that today is a better day and that the new meds start doing the trick. I hope you each get some rest today as well.

Amber said...

Glad he got some sleep, sounds like he's doing a little better, here's hoping to coming home very soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear that Tom has been feeling so terribly ill. I've been gone a few days and was surprised when I was catching up on your family. I'm glad that T is doing well. Will keep you in my thoughts.


M:e said...

Just quietly catching up and leaving big soft hugs for you all. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hang on in there.

love and hugs xxx