Monday, March 30, 2009

Mistress Trixie on the warpath!

After the absolutely hideous morning, this past Saturday, I started making calls. I called Patient Relations (they are only there M-F), the head of nursing (M-F only) and emailed and extensive complaint letter to the Bariatric Dept at the hospital. I was beyond livid. I was trying to take care of myself and suddenly I am thinking this damned hospital didn't care enough to keep the love of my life ALIVE!

First thing this morning I received an extremely apologetic call from the Head of Nursing. She was fabulous when we were there together and she had already been to Tom, this morning, before calling me. While I was on the phone with her, I had another call beep in and it was Patient Relations. I called her back with all of the details of Tom's Hideous Saturday and she, too, was extremely apologetic and said she would stop in when I am there this afternoon.

Sue has returned to break....nothing but worry and work for her these past few days. My Mom is coming to get me and take me to spend the afternoon with Tom. I need to get some eyes on him.....and a couple of kisses, too!

I was hot. I was less than gracious. I told everyone like it was and that it was NOT as I expected my husband to be treated. I am thinking of taking a paddle with me today.

I have heard that Tom's favorite PCA is on today. That should greatly improve his care and emotions.

Just go off the phone with he is having his PIC line installed. I am sure he will be glad to be rid of the arm IV. He is still not eating much and when he does, it mostly comes back up.

Mom overslept and just called all upset. I tried to settle her down, but she feels like she has let me down by not being on time. Usually I would be stressing, but it is not worth it. We will get to Tom as soon as we can. He is going to be cared for If I have to wack them all with a stick!!

Trixie, signing off!


Amber said...

Keep bitching and complaining and making sure Tom is well taken care of. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

You rock girl!


Devani said...

Get 'em, T!!! There may be *reasons* for what happened on Saturday, but there are NO *excuses*!!

And keep us posted ~ there are soooo many people pulling for all of you right now.

M:e said...

You go girl!!!!

love and hugs xxx

littleone said...

give 'em a swift kick for me too ok??

and thanks so much for keeping us all updated through this stressful time.. i know it can't be easy.

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Impish1 said...

BIG stick, I hope!!! Onward and forward- to war, to war!
Thinking of you, and hoping today is a better day.