Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Strange Day

It is Monday morning.
Neither Master nor I lost any weight yesterday. See my pouty face?
Master has an evening meeting tonight, and will likely not be home at all until close to 8:30 or 9:00. Both Master and T have appointments at the hospital this morning for the pre-surgical workup. They had to be NPO after midnight, and so were both carrying all the food for their day with them. Talk about a major logistical challenge! There are protein drinks; some mixed with milk, and others mixed with juice-flavored drinks. There is soup and salad for lunch. There are apples for some meals. There are pills to be taken for morning, noon and evening.

His "lunch bag" weighs a ton!
I just hope it all works out ok.



sin said...

Ha. Somehow the idea of the GIANT LUNCH BAG made me laugh out loud. Good luck this week.

T said...

And to top that all off we have a dryer that went on the fritz, a dishwasher that spewed water all over my kitchen, a vacuum that was taken in for warranty repair because it is screeching, and Tom just had to have a bad tire replaced.

Color me DONE! Enough already!!