Saturday, March 21, 2009


We are just over 24 hours from surgery, and both Master and T have lost weight as we've gone through the two-week pre-surgical diet. here, for the sake of comparison, are two pictures. The one on the left was taken on Valentine's Day. The one on the right is brand new, taken just about half an hour ago. Already, it is possible to see the changes in their faces.



Sir said...

W/we are counting down the mins with Y/you both.

Now just concentrate on Y/your getting better from the surgeries!!

Best Wishes is all that is needed to be said, correct?? DAM RIGHT!!

Owner of morningstar

Hermione said...

I can see quite a difference. Keep smiling! The best is yet to come.

I will be thinking of all of you tomorrow. Stay strong for one another.

Warm hugs all round from

Amber said...

Wow! That's awesome! Love the smiles! :)

sin said...