Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 3

What a difference!

We slept last night -- all of us (although the hospital "chair-bed" was a horribly uncomfortable sleeping platform, and has been summarily banished to the hospital corridor).

T is doing wonderfully; taking in clear liquids and off of all her pain medications. She had an exciting early morning as she got her IV tangled in her bed sheets and then pulled it out. She was on the way to the bathroom at the time and so proceeded on in to pee and then trooped down to the nurses station to get it taken care of -- dripping blood the whole way (can you see where I am going to have trouble with her behaving well once we get out of here?). Anyway, she is completely off the IV, and had her first shower this morning. Hooray!

Funny sidebar storyline -- we have a weird, geeky little resident dude that is always the first one into the room in the morning. He is awkward and lacks even a rudimentary personality, and his bedside manner is rough and jerky. He encountered our T in the hallway this morning (at 5AM) trucking to the nurses station with her hospital gown flapping, dripping blood. Solicitous fellow that he is, he said to her, "you might want to tie up your gown -- it is open in the back." To quote T, "I was dripping blood down my arm! The fact that my ass was showing was the least of my worries."

We do have the official word from the doctor this morning that all of Master's x-rays are fine. Today, they'll move Him off the IV pain medication, and start Him on the clear liquid diet. It is possible that T could go home today; Master will likely be discharged tomorrow. So, one of the discussion topics as we go through the day is whether/if we should do that -- splitting the two of them up, or stay together until they can both go home at once.

For today, the big anticipation is for the return of bowel movements. Both are passing gas and urinating normally, so that is really the last important function.

They are about to bring in "breakfast" trays, so we are off and running for day 3.



Hermione said...

swan, I am so pleased to hear that things are progressing normally.

It's up to Tom, of course, but IJMHO T should stay the extra day until both can be discharged. You can't possibly be in two places at once, and you'll want to try to be.

glad to hear the GI systems are returning to normal. You all ROCK!!!

Hugs X 3,

Anonymous said...

I am glad things continue to go well with all of you.

Amber said...

Awesome news! Great news, wonderful! :) Very relieved and happy.

(Now Swan, be SURE to take care of YOU TOO! hehehe)

/runs off laughing


Impish1 said...

Glad things are going better. As to whether the "Troublesome T" will carry that sassy mood home will be up to Master, I suppose. LOL. Insurance can be heartless about an extra burden on families, but if possible it will be much less a burden on you, Swan if you can just keep them together, I would think.
Give Tom a squeeze, and tell T. glad she feels good enough to cause a bit of trouble. So, so happy that today is better.

M:e said...

Wonderful news....things seem to be progressing well. I'm sure you'll all weigh everything up as far as discharges go and come to whatever works best.

lots of love and hugs to all. xxx

littleone said...

can you hear me clapping and shouting HURRAY?? cause i am...

keep on keeping on!!

morningstar (owned by Warren)

p said...

Just a little lurker here but couldnt contain myself today from saying "YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! So glad the two patients are doing well and that you swan are taking care of yourself also. As for T's streaking down the halls....... better they see it now, soon much of that ass will just be a memory :)