Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're Home!

Got the 5am visit from the first Dr-type-person who did his normal check and said we should be able to leave today. Then the 5:15-Dr-type-person arrived and said the same....and at that point I was all "GET THE PAPERWORK!" I headed for the shower and Sue started loading the car. We got a visit from our surgeon and was proclaimed well enough to head to the house and then had to wait for paperwork, pills, and breakfast. We got home at 10:15am. Tom is reclined in a chair napping thru' CNN. I am checking my email, scheduling upcoming Dr appointments, and calling the florist to have the flowers re-delivered this afternoon. Sue has unloaded the car and is off the get prescriptions, a pill cutter, a pill crusher and then I would think she would be heading for her own shower and perhaps a nap.

Thanks for all of the well-wishes and kind words. I am behaving and a stick is not required for that to occur (so far). Sue is good. Tired, but good. And now that we are all home, she will be even better. She has been eating meals and napping right along with us, so she is doing fine. Tom is exhausted and, since his surgery was more extensive than mine, a bit slower on the recovery. But he is doing fine and will be back to top form in short order.

I think a nap is in order for me.... Thanks again, Everyone!



Amber said...

Awesome awesome news! Enjoy your recovery, so glad everything went so well! *big smiles*

Hermione said...

That's brilliant! You will all recover so much quicker at home, once you leave "hospital mode" behind and settle back into some semblance of normalcy.

Take it easy, and take good care of each other.


Impish1 said...

Yeahhhhh!!! My best to all! Now, ssshhh, I'll quietly tip toe out to let you all nap and recover your strength - and privacy after my constant peeking. I just had to make sure all was well, and offer up a little support for the tough times. Enjoy being back home, there's really nothing like it after the hospital, is there?

selkie said...

T! Welcome home!! To all of you! I'm so happy that all went so well and that finally you get to sleep in your own bed!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home allKaren

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!


M:e said...

Tiptoes in quietly....whispers welcome home and tiptoes out again. Does the mad happy dance once I'm out of earshot!!!

Wonderful and hugs xxx

littleone said...

So very glad to hear you are all home safe and sound.

Home is the VERY best place to recuperate...

hugs to you all

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Tapestry said...

Glad to know you're all home where you can be more comfortable as you recuperate.

Healing thoughts from me to you.


Sir said...

Nice having you ALL home, so when is the jogging going to start??

Glad everything has gone well..

Owner of morningstar