Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dad-in-Law is better!

While Tom was with his new Development Director, I went to the hospital to be with his dad. Got there while the Hospitalist was examining him and questioning him. Before I got there his blood pressure was almost back to normal (124/60ish). The Dr said that if all continues as it has and if the test results come back fine (and they have), Dad could probably go home tomorrow! Then the kidney specialist came in, did his exam and questions and said he looked good. Then the little dude with the Echo dilly-wop came in, lubed his chest and did the thing. When he was done, Dad asked how's it look. The little dude said "I am not supposed to read this for you, but it looks good to me!". He left and about 10 mins. later a wild-haired crazy looking guy came in..... Neurologist. Did that voodoo that he do do so well and proclaimed him "Good". Then his blood pressure was taken to which the nurse proclaimed "Great!" at 102/53.

All signs are that we will have a Dad-in-Law returned to his apartment and lady love tomorrow.

At this moment, surgery is back on for Monday 7am!

I am has sucked in ways too numerous to count. Tom has gone to visit his Dad now. I am off to the couch and JD Robb.



jojo said...

I will be thinking about all of you on Monday. I am hoping for a smooth time in surgery and a quick recovery. I know this will be such a life changing event for all of you and there will probably be many highs and lows over the next few months. Hang on to each other and be pateint with one another.

My best wishes to all three.


Impish1 said...

What a mess, but so glad it turned out so well! We take care of four elderly parents so I know what the craziness is like. So sorry that you had to add that to your plate just now. Try to rest up tomorrow a bit, and then the big day - I'll keep you all very close on that day and the ones that follow...

CeeCi said...


I've been reading faithfully everyday in my Google Reader... yup, I'm a lurker extraordinaire. Anyway, my heart sank when I read swan's posting earlier today. All I could think was "Oh No! They've been working so hard to get ready for their surgery and now this!"

Thank you for the good news! I'm relieved that Tom's dad is better and headed for home.

I'll be asleep when you're wheeled into surgery Monday morning (I'm a left coaster) so I'm taking this time to wish all three of you Godspeed. You will all occupy my thoughts and prayers!

All my best~

sin said...

Uncertainty is the worst isn't it? I'm glad things are settling down. Good luck with the coming surgeries and of course your recoveries.

Amber said...

LOL at "wild-haired crazy guy"...yup, Neurologists! My daughter had to have brain surgery when she was little and the doctor who did the surgery was definitely strange.

Did a good job, though. :)

Glad Tom's dad is recovering well. :)