Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 1 of the pre-surgery preperatory"Fast"..on to Day 2

We're 24 hours in now and I'm feeling better...not great, but better. Yesterday I felt pretty sick most of the day. I was way low energy, and spacey, and shaky. I came home yesterday from work ravenously hungry without being able to eat much of substance. We figured out, looking at the diet, that I could have a pudding cup and an apple. That helped. The apple was the first thing I'd had that was chewable and seemed relatively solid. Then I went to bed until t got home and we had what amounted to dinner.

Dinner was a 1 cup lettuce tomato and onion salad with fat free Italian dressing, a yogurt, a chicken soup flavored protein drink, and some V-8 Juice. The salad too gave us the opportunity to chew something that was more solid food like. Swan did a wonderful job serving the salad so that it looked nice, and putting the V-8 in lovely crystal glasses, with candles lit, etc. She made it seem as much as possible like we were our family sharing our dinner. It felt more normal and like an evening meal for us all.

t and I snuggled some after dinner until I began feeling nauseous, and we got back up. We drank a good bit of tea last night...first regular tea....and then Sleepy Time herbal. swan gave me a wonderful massage before bed that worked to have me sleeping much better last night than I had Sunday night.

t seems to have felt pretty well yesterday although she said she had a headache part of the day and felt sort of weak and tired too. I felt really pretty sick.

But here we are at day 2. While I am hardly vibrant and sparkly, I am not feeling ill. And here are the results 24 hours in. I weighed 297.5 with blood sugar of 94. So I'm down 3.5 pounds. t is down 4 pounds. swan (who is doing a modified version of this, but whose diet mirrors ours closely) has lost 2.5 pounds. swan seems to have felt pretty much OK so far.

So it will be interesting to see how this goes. If t and I could feel as much better tomorrow and the next day as we are feeling better today we could actually be pretty well. Too, if the first day is any indication, we might actually have the 15 to 20 pounds weight loss we've been told to anticipate prior to our surgeries.

We are now committed and the process has begun.

All the best,


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Amber said...

I don't know if this is the case with you guys, but taking vitamins while cutting back on solid foods always has a negative impact on my body, causing nausea, headaches, all kinds of problems for me. Which is one reason why I don't take them anymore. I know that your doctor has prescribed vitamins for you and I am NOT suggesting you stop, but maybe cutting back on them or cutting them in half might help? Gradually build up the dosage again as your body gets used to a lighter diet? Just a thought, maybe you could ask your doctor about your reactions?

Just trying to help, not trying to interfere. :)

M:e said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a couple of days. Things have been busy here. I have kept up with progress though and it sounds as if you guys are doing GREAT!

Well done....seriously....well done. Keep up the good work!

love and hugs xxx