Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 9 done

I feel remarkably fragile and "hang-over-like" this morning. I have a steroidal epidural injection procedure in my spine this morning for my spinal stenosis. sue has taken the day off to drive me home afterwards. Tonight I have a meeting of my agency's Finance Committee. Sheesh how am I going to be functional for that? There is always a way.

Anyway the wild news is that I awakened today (after my first good night's sleep in two nights and sleeping in to 7:30 to boot)to find that I weighted 283.5. That's right, after the pendulum swung one way yesterday, taking me back up a pound, now in the reverse swing I went down 4.5 pounds, so a net loss for the two days of 3.5 pounds. Thus I am now down 17.5 pounds in 9 days! Sheesh, I really can't believe this. I can't tell you how many people on my staff have said, "Why don't you just do this diet and skip the surgery?" Of course I am not sharing with them what this is doing to my health. Overall though too, I continue to have ideal blood sugars as well: this morning at 94. I am cold this morning, and can't seem to warm up. My rings are suddenly falling off my fingers.

t this morning is essentially at the same weight as yesterday. She is up fractionally. She bought a new scale right before this and it registers weight in tenths of a pound (mine only in 1/2 pounds). It says she is up slightly but it is not enough to report. So essentially she continues to be off 11 pounds for the period.

sue, who is not really following this diet (and we have told her not to, is not healthy)has regained a pound and a half but is still down a very respectable 8 pounds over the 9 days.

So overall we are off 37.5 pounds for the 9 days among the family.

I always appreciate all the support you all have rained down on us and it truly has helped, but never more so than did the wonderful comments yesterday as I/we coped with my sudden weight regain. I understood in my head all the things you all said, but it didn't change the way regaining some weight made me feel. Hearing (well reading:) what you said to me about that really made the emotionally negative aspects of that event way more tolerable and less discouraging.

Thank you, once again!

All the best,


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selkie said...

does saying "I told you so" make me a brat? Well, I DID!! Yeah! When you are that deprived, I always feel there HAS to be some payback - that is payback in spades!


Hermione said...

Well done! although as you have said before, weight loss isn't the point of this diet, it still feels good to lose. And lose you did!

By the way, my blog had an extensive visit last night by way of your blog. Interesting!


Impish1 said...

Glad you're feeling better. Horrible the way the brain can get ahead of you no matter how much you're talking back to yourself to fight it. When the diet makes it fuzzy, it must be even worse. You are all so close and still doing so well. When those folks at work ask why you don't just continue the diet? You can honestly tell them it isn't safe - that's why it's only for 2 weeks before surgery, and closely medically supervised. (No nothings, Hmmph!)

Amber said...

Comin' down the home stretch, now. Hope the spinal went okay and ugh on the meeting. God I hate meetings, meetings are the DEBBIL! Hopefully it will be short and sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are doing great!


Sir said...

You do realise that any good Doctor will tell you NOT to look at your weight EVERYDAY but rather from time to time. This is because our bodies change daily depending on things we have NO control of.

This is what My Dad's doctors told him for his bypass.

The best thing you can do is make sure your sprits are good during this time.

Owner of morningstar

LynLass said...

Also, just a minor point, but there is a definite (statistically significant) correlation between lack of sleep and lack of weight loss. So maybe that's a piece of the puzzle, too.

I've been checking in daily, wouldn't miss the saga.

Good wishes and thoughts for all of you.

{{{{ }}}}}