Sunday, March 8, 2009

2nd Last Supper

One of Tom's favorite restaurants is a nation chain called "Abuelos". Yummy Mexican food that is galaxies above Chi-Chi and Taco Hell. They have this platter called the "Grande". It holds a sampling of almost every best-loved Mexican yummy treats...chicken & beef & cheese enchiladas, tamale, taco, chili relleno. All served with (In Tom's case) spinach casserole and rice...(Sue's spinach casserole and cheesy potatoes). I always go for the chicken fajitas. We shared a pitcher of Margaritas and guacamole while waiting for the dinners.

We got there late, after 9:30pm, and it was as if we were having a private family dinner in a public place. Very tasty and very nice.

Tonight is the LAST Last Supper. Tom is leaning to PF Changs (Chinese) or Red Lobster (Lobsterfest). Either will be delightful....especially when shared with my family.


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Anonymous said...

Wishing you a wonderful "last" last supper!