Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday morning and 4 days completed

We are now over a third of the way through this diet and the approach to our surgeries. Yesterday found swan and I feeling better and t of course struggling in the aftermath of a sleepless night.

Thank goodness t's 4 day work week ended yesterday so she will be able to sleep in today. Swan and I awakened to feel quite "hung over." I hate to suffer this when I've had nothing to drink. It just seems unfair somehow.

swan was actually up a pound today. We had a committee meeting last night at Panera and she had a regular soft drink. She is allergic to the sweetener in traditional diet soft drink. She is attributing her weight gain to the resulting sugar jolt and may be right. I lost 1 more pound. I am not surprised that we are seeing diminishing returns in terms of weight loss. I imagine by now I've lost all my water weight and so decreases now will not be as dramatic. I am though, now down precisely 10 pounds over the 4+ days we've been doing this. Hey if I could continue losing at the rate of a pound a day, I'd lose 20 pounds in the two weeks prior to my surgery (I'm not predicting this,,simply projecting:) My blood sugars this morning were 92 (92 yesterday too...I realized I didn't report that yesterday). I was feeling hungry when I got home yesterday before going back out for our meeting. I tested then and at 5:27 PM my blood sugar was 94. It appears my sugar control on this diet is excellent.

We had an interesting development. I spoke with my ex yesterday and she is back in town. Her mother is very ill and failing but it is not necessarily the case that her death is going to be immediate. She was willing to be "on-call" for my Dad in any emergencies that would erupt while t and I are incapacitated by our surgery. That was wonderful news. I contacted his independent living center and they have her down as contact for that time period. I phoned my dad about that and he is pleased and relieved. He has always had a very close and loving relationship with her. Then I emailed her to thank her and tell her his home was notified. I had been working on here and, inadvertently, I emailed her, not in the usual vanilla account I use for dealings with my family, but using my Raheretic email account. OOOPS! So last night signing on after our meeting I realized my mistake when I read her response (simply a very polite and gracious thank you)and realized it was in the Raheretic account.

Then as I checked statcounter, there it was. About an hour after I had written her there was an arrival at TheHeronClan by someone in Cincinnati. They had gotten there by performing a search for "raheretic." They were coming from the server at the organization where she works. They stayed for 3 hours and 28 minutes. Looking at some of the more analytical functions of statcounter, we can identify some of the posts she visited. She seems to have scrolled through much of the blog 20 posts at a whack. We are not certain if she visited this blog but it is likely. There have been a number of visits from Cincinnati, but we cannot trace them to what is more than likely her. So anyway the facade we've kept up, hiding in plain sight, is likely blown, at least with her. She is likely reconstructing her perception of our past in a new light. Hopefully this is not a development that will kick off any negative events. Life is just too complicated.

t is of course sleeping in this morning, so we will not know how she is doing until later, but she is getting a good and much needed rest.

Now on to day 5 and hopefully further weight loss and our health continuing to maintain despite this extreme diet.

Once again thank you to all of you for your support and the many lovely and supportive comments. I hope I have time and energy this weekend to make individualized responses.

All the best,


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Hermione said...

OMG - not good news about the ex finding your blog. You can be so very careful but just one tiny slip up and you're out there. I do understand how easily it can happen - I juggle email accounts too. I sincerely hope that the ex will not cause any trouble for the three of you, especially at this time.

Good news about someone on board for your father if need be.


Impish1 said...

Brain fog from the diet not good! I guess all you can do is wait and hope for the best. You ex has seemed reasonable to work with viewed through what you've told us, and your Dad came around so there is reason to hope, mmm?