Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 1

We made it through the first day of the liquid protein regimen.
None of us felt terrific. We had headaches and nausea and just a general lack of energy and vitality most of the day.
Still, we made it, and this morning?
Weight loss for all of us -- a family total of 10 pounds. Master's blood sugar numbers are excellent this morning.
In general, we all seem to be feeling better this morning, and we have encouraging early results.
So... on to day two.


1 comment:

selkie said...

10 lbs??? in 24 hours? wow.

you'll rejoice you know - you'll see your Master's blood sugars get better and better and more consistent (just watch out for hypoglaucemia) - I'm type 2 so I know how amazing it is to see those GREAT numbers. Such an incentive!

cheering loudly in the stands here ....shakes pom poms ...