Friday, March 27, 2009

Not a good morning....

Sue just woke me up to say they are taking Tom to the emergency room. Shortness of breath, he feels crummy, and all of his bruising is much worse. I am sure there was more, but frankly, I am half asleep still and a bit scared.

They called the surgeon, who is not terribly concerned, but will meet them at the hospital after the emergency room evaluates him.

I wanted to go. I am doing fine and almost feel guilty that Tom is not. But Sue will have her hands full and I do not need to add to her stress level over this. They PROMISE to call me ASAP. I am positive they will keep me in the loop.

It is 2:16am... And I am blogging to keep myself from being so scared. Say a prayer. I am sure he is fine. The surgeon said he was...but that doesn't relieve my anxiety one bit.



selkie said...

T! I hope you are hanging in! I would be frightened too no matter what anyone says! Not sure how long it has been (not sure about our time differences) but I hope you have heard something by now.

It probobly is NOT unusual to have some bad reactions over the next whle - this is a HUGE operation after all and a shock to your systems.

I'm glad you stayed home too - that was really really thoughtful. I know how hard it must be to sit waiting but you're right, Sue needs to be able to concentrate on Tom right now AND you yourself (regardless of how amazingly quick you are rallying) are JUST over a very similar LARGE operation.

Hope you hear soonest .. sending positive thoughts.

Hermione said...


I second what Selkie said.

Hang in there, girl. Let us know when you have more news.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry T. It must be so hard staying home, just thinking and beeing worried all by yourself. I'll send up some prayers, and hope you all will be together and well real soon!


M:e said...

Oh sweety, how very frightening for you all. Positive thought and prayers in abundance are winging their way to you...along with much love and the softest of hugs.