Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Infection!

Last night, after I got to the hospital, we decided to take a walk. These medical types are BIG on walking, don't you know? So, we unplugged the IV pole and He and I and the pole wandered off to walk the, by now, very familiar hallway. We arrived at the furthest point in our little stroll, and He sat down in a nearby chair to rest a few minutes before walking back to the room. As He sat there, I noticed that there was blood dripping onto the floor.


I looked at the dressing from the previously opened incision, and it looked just fine. I really couldn't tell what was going on. So, we gathered up our parts and pieces and high-tailed it back to the room... grabbing the nurse along the way. When we got Him back into bed, and she was able to take a closer look, it appeared that one of the trocar sites was inflamed, swollen, and very hard. She peeled off the steri-strip, and it just gushed blood and pus. Ewwwwww! She put some guaze on the opening to catch the continuing drainage, and went to call for a doctor. Two residents came and opened this one up as well -- a miserable, horrible, terribly painful process.

So today, He has two open wounds in His belly, lots of packing, and big dressings. The surrounding area is much less hard, less red looking, and no longer hot to the touch. That's all good. This morning, I was still there when the surgeon came in to see Him. The doctor did a very serious "pep talk," explaing that while all of this mess is frustrating and very disheartening, it is not life threatening, and does not appear to be leading toward a need for further surgery. It will certainly slow the recovery process, but all of what we hoped for when we went into this is still going to happen. It is just going to take awhile to get this cleared up and the healing done.

It was, as a result of all of that, another long and not very restful night. Sleeping is vastly overrated -- right?



Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you guys are having such a rough time. Please let Tom know that he is in our thoughts. Hopefully things will start getting easier for you all very soon.


Impish1 said...

Right! I know many people give up things for Lent - I gave up sleep for menopause so I do know you can actually live without it. Unfortunately, it's important for things like wound healing and mood (memory and concentration, too, but who wants to remember the bad times), so let's hope tonight is more restful. How I wish I could wrap my arms around the lot of you! And that includes poor T. worrying from afar. I haven't much to offer except the sure knowledge that you are each up to the struggle no matter how much you might wish you did not have to face it. You will come through this to where you want to be, and proud of each person's steps on the path. Allow yourself the weak moments you need, then buck up and move on - I sit with you as best I can...

Hermione said...

swan, that's very disappointing but, as the good doctor said, not life-threatening. This too shall pass.

I hope Tom is able to keep a little nourishment down now.

You are all in my thoughts. I hope T isn't too lonely at home, and is doing well.

Hugs times three,

P.S. I gave up sleep for menopause too!

Amber said...

Rough road, sounds like things are slowly improving, hang in there you guys!

littleone said...

you know what swan?? i am delighted to hear the doctor's thinking that this is just a little speed bump in the road to recovery. i have been worried sick about this infection thing !!!

hang in there girl... give R a big hug from me.. and tell Him Sir sends His best too..

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