Saturday, March 7, 2009

1st Last Supper

As previously posted, Tom has a series of "Last Suppers" planned. These are places that we will not be able to eat at (or at least enjoy our present "Favorite") in our futures.

Last night was Italian. And we had a BLAST! Our dear friends, Tangerine Tease and her Squeeze met us at the local Carabbas and had a wonderful dinner. A couple of appetizers, salads, good wine, and pasta all shared with good friends.

Then we all came back to our places and visited until midnight. Normally on a weekday night, the 3 of us are wiped out. But with the combination of good food and great friends, we were rarin' to go.

Our thanks to TT & Squeeze for making one of our "Last Suppers" fun instead of mournful.

In our futures we will probably be sharing water and a walk instead of pasta and wine, but we know they will be there, supporting us all the way!

You both are the BEST! Thanks for everything!!



Tangerine Tease said...

Oh it was delightful! Eat your heart out blogosphere! I had dinner with the Herons! And I have stinging red welts to prove it!

swan said...

and, just to avoid any confusion, I am the one responsible for putting those welts there ;-)


littleone said...

swan......... you raised welts???!!! oh wow!! come on tell the tale.......... i can't believe it!!

and yeah i am jealous of Tangerine Tease getting to share a dinner with the Heron Clan.... if only we were closer (see me pout??)

morningstar (owned by Warren)

swan said...

morningstar -- LOL! I knew THAT would get people's attention :-)
The story is that we played (well, demonstrated is probably more accurate) the violet wand. That is a sort of play that T and I enjoy, but that Master dislikes. Tangerine was intrigued by it; has had one other encounter with someone who was pretty low key in terms of using it with her, and she wondered about what it would be like if it were used more intensely.
No need to ask twice around here -- out it came, and we went to work, ramping up through all the various attachments and do-dads. I'd imagine those red, stingy, cat-scratch welts come from the use of things like steel-guitar picks and an all metal knife...