Tuesday, March 24, 2009

24 Hours

We are just under 24 hours into our new lives.
It was a long day yesterday, and a very long night.

We asked the hospital to bring a "chair-bed" so, I'd have some sort of reasonable sleeping spot. No such luck. So, I bedded down in the recliner in the room. It wasn't bad, and I wasn't in it for very long at any one time...

I think we were awake every half hour to 45 minutes all night long for one thing or another. Pain pumps and leg compression pumps seemed to go into alarm mode all night long. There were repeated visits by the nursing staff as they checked vital signs and blood sugars and urine outputs and... Master has had a fair amount of trouble with nausea, and a significant level of pain, so I was up several times helping Him.

This is a teaching hospital, so the parade of wannabe doctors began just after 5AM. One resident after another came in to peer and poke and stand around awkwardly. We saw the surgeon at just about 6:30, and he seems very positive and upbeat, although there is some thought that Master's ongoing nausea might be due to swelling. Hopefully, if that is the case, it will resolve itself through the day today, and things will improve.

Both are scheduled for a GI series this morning. The X-rays will tell doctors how things are moving through the modified stomach and bowel, and will also show any leakages. If those come back "all clear," we'll begin to see some good progress: clear liquids will be introduced and we'll get them off the catheters. If I can get back on here later, I'll update when that has been completed.



sin said...

Yeahhh! sounds like pretty good news overall. I know there's still some uncertainty and significant pain, and I know abdominal surgery is horrible to recover from... but good for Tom and T. Get well soon, we are thinking of you all.

Remember to take care of yourself swan. On the airplane they tell you to take care of your own oxygen first if you are travelling with someone who needs care.

And thanks for taking the time to tell us swan. We were checking.

Hermione said...

So glad to hear you've all come through the tunnel together.

Nausea and abdominal incisions are the WORST combination! Hope they get that resolved. Might be caused by the painkiller, if it's Demerol - that was my experience with that drug.

I have a relative who has slept in a recliner for years. Bed phobia I think. So I guess the recliner can be an acquired taste.

It's good that so many people are watching over the two patients. Our hospitals are desperately short-staffed, which can be scary if there's no one available when you need help.


M:e said...

Just soft hugs....for each of you xxx

Amber said...

Ditto on taking care of yourself, I know you want to take care of them but...you can't afford to let yourself get run down, either.

The noises in hospital rooms...yes, my DIL was in the hospital for a week last summer, she was pretty sick and we were all horribly concerned. She got better and everything is okay now but...I remember all the noises from the machines and all the people coming in and out all the time. She complained about not being able to sleep when she got better.

I visited her every day. I hope they get to go home soon. Hang in there.

Impish1 said...

Hang in there, baby! The noise, lack of sleep, and watching other's suffering is a tough combination. Give Master an extra squeeze for me - that nausea is the worse and my after surgery curse as well. Thinking of you all.