Sunday, March 29, 2009


T is home and doing well on this 7th day after surgery. It worries me to death that she is there by herself, but I simply cannot figure out how to be two places at once.

Master is still hospitalized, and really struggling. The doctors have FINALLY decided that He has a major wound infection. They re-opened His incision this morning, and extracted a lot of clear, foul-smelling fluid. It is now packed and covered, and they are running two different IV antibiotics. It does appear (to my untrained but dedicated eyes) that the angry red is receding on His belly this afternoon.

We still have no verdict on what is causing His diarrhea, although it does seem to be slowing down. Perhaps it really is a normal post-surgical bowel pattern. I hope so.

We were visited just a few minutes ago by an infectious disease specialist who has indicated that they will be establishing a PICC line and starting a course of vancomycin in the next 24 hours. This will be some pretty intense treatment, but feels promising as an approach to fixing all of this. I hope!

This afternoon, I've gotten Him cleaned up and into a fresh gown. He is now tucked back in and sleeping fairly comfortably. I am almost daring to hope that maybe things are improving a bit.



selkie said...

hugs....this is rough,very rough for all of you. just sending positive thoughts that things continue to improve.

sin said...

Oh swan this must be so horrible and scary for you. We are all thinking of you, checking on you, sending good wishes your way. Stay strong, stay vigilant. Things will work out.

Amber said...

We're here and being supportive. Thanks again for checking in with us so we cyber-folk don't worry.

Get your rest, deep breaths, eat. I forgot to eat when Dan was in the hospital because I didn't have an appetite. Be sure to eat something, Swan, even if you don't feel like it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry...I'll keep on sending happy thoughts...


littleone said...

swan you sound so in control.. so.. together..,.... but i have this feeling.. inside you must want to curl up and have a good cry .. or temper tantrum... something...

Hang on girl.. hopefully it won't take long till everything settles down..and then if you are anything like me you will have the "fit" in whatever form it takes to drain the stress from your body.. .

big hugs

morningstar (owned by Warren)

slave freya said...

Dear Swan,
If sending positive and hopeful thoughts help things change, then soon all of you will be home and enjoying satisfactory health.

Take care,
slave freya

Impish1 said...

One foot in front of the other time! That's when you don't look right or left, and just know you can keep on going as long as you have to, but try to only look ahead to the next step. That way you don't take on too much extra, and you know you can go on as long as you have to cuz you only have to take one step.
Keeping you all very close, each of you... try to take care.

M:e said...

I agree with foot in front of the other. Soft hugs sweety, and love to you, T and Tom.