Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend Concerns

I have been dreading the weekend. Long days of relaxation that are usually spent, for me at least, plotting and planning tasty meals for the weekends. I usually spend Friday (keep in mind I work 4-10's and am off Fri, Sat, Sun) cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and planning meals. We do a bunch of shopping at the local Costco and I have known all week that we were going to need laundry soap and softener and more low-sodium V-8. I have been concerned about being at the Costco during the times they have all the samples out for tasting. ( NO, I do not taste all samples, I am good..but the temptation....) Sooooo, Tom & Sue had a meeting last night and when I got off work, I went to Costco. NO SAMPLES in sight! Guess they only do that on Fri, Sat, Sun! I was safe and it was a quick in & out. Today (Fri) I am doing laundry and more closet cleaning. I have been unloading most of my clothing at the local Goodwill truck, and I have 5 more bags to deliver today. I have made some herbal iced tea (no caffeine allowed!) and think I have figured out the UNJURY Chicken Flavored broth temperature issue. And I HAVE watched my beloved cooking shows....and am not at all tempted to cook anything.

Not a bad start... 2 more days to go!



selkie said...

T- we sound like we have the smame shift! I work Monday to Thursday as well, 5 a.m. to 3 - I love it - and fridays are my cleaning/baking day.

Good for you for getting this far! The hardest hting to do in the world is to "unlearn" something; in this case, habits of many years. What you have to find are something to replace your old habits - and start trying to do them regularly...until THEY become the habits..

Cheering you all on!

M:e said...

Adds some whistles and pom-poms to selkie's cheering!!

love and hugs xxx

Amber said...

Costco samples are evil, are they not? I do have a fond memory of them, though. When Dan and I very first started doing a version of DD after stumbling onto information online about it, back in 2003, that very first week we went to Costco. And I was sampling the treats they give out and Dan said, "no more". Now, it was no reason I could NOT have had more as we were not watching calories but it was an exercise in obedience for me. And I knew what he was doing and at first I was all abashed and did as I was told but then we needed something we'd forgotten, so I ran back to get it (bread, I think) and I just had to sample one of the foodstuffs on my way back.

I thought, well, Dan won't know because I will finish before I get back. As I ran up the main aisle, gobbling the food, I saw in shock that Dan was standing there, watching me. I was besides myself! CAUGHT!

I came up grinning, like, wasn't that funny? He did not think it was funny and I got smacked right there in the store in front of all the shoppers! Mortifying! Then he told me I'd get spanked later (we were doing spanking a lot back then as formal punishment although we stopped that later). Anyway, I cannot look at the Costco people since without smiling to myself. Heh. :) (Long story, sorry, just brought up memories) :)