Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 3 - Choppy Waters

Three days are now passed and yesterday presented us a few new challenges. I was leaving for my first trip into the office since Monday, to a meeting I wanted very much to attend, when my cell went off to tell me my 90 year old Dad was being transported to the hospital from his home in an independent living center. He had had extreme nausea and dizziness. I diverted back home to pack up some yogurt, an apple, and drinks to tie me over within diet constraints, not knowing how long the time at the hospital might take. We've done many of these hospital trips with Dad over the last few years, and they often mean late nights there before they eventually decide to admit him and get him into a room. t was ready to bring me dinner there when she got home at 8:00 if that was necessary. It turned out he was having a bad reaction to dialysis that morning. We are new to his dialysis. He's only been having it for two weeks. Apparently they increased it yesterday and that set this off. I got him home about 8:00 then picked up the PRN anti-nausea medication they prescribed for him to have if this reoccurs. The E. R. doc communicated with his nephrologist who will (hopefully) modify his dialysis so that this won't reoccur. I am very worried what will happen if he has a crisis when both t and I are ill following our surgery and sue has her hands full with our care. Normally we would rely on my ex-wife, but we had a call from her last night that she is four hours away with her Mom who is in her last days dying with cancer. So, I suspect, she may not be available as a resource either. Maybe I'll contact his independent living center to see if they have any resources to bring to bear in such circumstances.

t is feeling quite down this morning. She didn't sleep last night, and she lost no more weight yesterday. It seems talking with her she didn't feel like eating yesterday at work, skipped her two snacks, and so ate less than she should have in compliance with the program. I have reminded her they told us this might happen and that it was very important that we follow this regimen exactly, or we might have trouble. I wish so much we didn't have to work and I could just hug her all day and make sure she had what she should to feel better. Honey it will get better. We still have 11 days to go and we will lose more and you must follow this program and we will get through this and the surgery safely.

Anyway day three is past. I lost 2 more pounds and so am down 9 over the three days. T is still down 6 pounds. Six pounds weight loss in 3 days is nothing to be sneezed at. Too, it is important to recall that the purpose of this is not primarily weight loss, but shrinking our livers so that when we have our surgeries the liver is up and out of the surgeon's way. swan too has lost no more today. She did eat a little more yesterday (some left over pasta from the Friday night "last Italian dinner" I think). She is feeling better today and her color looks better. She had a long day, with an evening event at her school, and a migraine to boot, so her day was not a piece of cake by any measure either. So I would assume that means that we three are down 20 pounds to date. Too, if we count days as being from midnight to midnight, then at noon today (in 3 hours and 48 minutes:) we will be 25% of the way through this diet.

We are well begun on this process, even if there are struggles, and I love my t for her ability to tough this out, and love us through it, and my swan for her huge love and caring for us both. I don't know how I would make it without either of them.

Three days down and 11 to go.

All the best,


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swan said...

Well, family, we made it through day 3. We were told that the first few would be the most difficult, and I sincerly hope that turns out to be true, as this has been a struggle. Certainly, yesterday was WAY more complicated than it started off to be, and this is complicated enough. Still, we managed to battle our way through it all, and we are still on the path toward the goal we've set for ourselves.

I do hope that perhaps there can be some extra support put in place around "Grandpa" as we proceed through all of this. That would relieve all our minds a very great deal.

I'm feeling better today. I hope that is true for both of you two as well. It would be good if this could get a little bit easier for the next few days.

hugs, swan

Hermione said...

It is unfortunate that your Dad's health is also a concern at this time. Surely some sort of support must be available through the place he lives.

well done, day three is over and done with. I think the best part of this is that all three of you are going through it together. You each understand the discomfort that the others are experiencing because it's yours as well. Not that I mean it's a pleasure or anything (VBG) but you all have support that in many other families just isn't there.

And of course, you have us all, lurkers and commenters alike. We care.

Three hugs from Hermione

Impish1 said...

Whew! When it rains it pours! Hang in there team. Swan, would you consider eating a good sized meal at work? You are showing signs of your calorie restriction weakening you when perhaps you need to be building up your strength for the challenge ahead. Just something for you and Tom to consider...You would still be supporting Tom and T at breakfast and dinner, but might have more reserves to help them with. T, honey, I'm so sorry, consider those snacks medicine and try to stuff them down for a greater reward later - or because they are less scary than having Tom mad at you LOL. You are doing a difficult thing, but you can do it! Tom, amidst all your own struggles, you remain the head of your family, concerned about others first. Please know how we all support and admire you for your selflessness in this trying time. Wishing for the best for your Dad; we struggle with the same issues here so I know how they weigh on your heart and mind. Keep on keeping on guys - you're almost there!

swan said...

Impish -- I am in fact eating a substantial lunch while I'm at work. Thank you for your concern -- I really do appreciate it. I am also tending to make minor modifications in the other meals, but keeping them similar to Master and T's. So for example, when they are eating their vegetarian vegetable soup, I'm usually opting for a more "mainstream" style bowl of vegetable beef or chicken noodle -- with a few more carbs and more calories. So, I really am working to try and maintain my own well-being. That is the directive that Master has very clearly given to me, and trust me, if I didn't do that, there would be more trouble than I even want to contemplate. I understand that there is a very great deal that will be falling on my shoulders in the next few weeks, and I am working and planning to meet those responsibilities to the best of my ability. I do think that yesterday's migraine was probably related to our shift in eating patterns, but migraines are a part of my life. I deal with them and move on. Today is much better.