Sunday, March 22, 2009

12 Hours 'til Surgery

I am going first.....because I's a wimp and don't want to fuss about Tom being back in surgery and have that added to my general internal fuss about MY Surgery. I want to go first, get it over with, and wait for Tom in recovery.

We are to arrive at the hospital at 5am and my surgery is at 7am. I am ready. Now that Dad-in-Law is home and surrounded by his friends, lady-love, and fellow "Inmates" (as he calls them), I can relax about all of that.

I am not that worried about the surgery, I have confidence in the Surgeon and I don't usually get too worked up over being cut on. And I have been cut on ALOT!

My worries are mostly: That Tom will be in pain and the morphine will make him sick. That Sue will over-do and wear herself out trying to do everything. That Tom's Dad and/or my Mom will try to come to the hospital during the few days we are in hospital and I will have to worry about them being on the roads. That Tom will try to go back to work too soon and wear himself out.

I Know that the hospital has said they will control the nausea and pain. I know that Tom's Dad is NOT coming to the hospital. I am pretty sure that my Mom will stay home unless there is an emergency. I think Sue and I can keep Tom from over-extending himself. But I think the long-shot is keeping Sue from wearing herself down to a nub. She will do everything she can to make sure we are comfortable, safe, and pain-free and will not take care of herself as well as she should. She is worried and I have done as much as I can to relieve her of some of that worry.

Say a prayer to whomever you pray to. This is going to be a fantastic journey. I just want all of us to be well enough to share the joy.



Anonymous said...

My alarm will be set for 5:30 (as always) My first thoughts will be of three of you....fantastic journey


littleone said...

T - i have just sent swan an email - telling her to take care of her.. and to know we are here for all of you ..

good luck tomorrow.. for all of YOU..

morningstar (owned by Warren)

selkie said...

It's here. Positive positive thoughts to all of you...may the surgeries go smooth... we'll be waiting to here when sue has time how all went.

M:e said...

So many people are keeping you all close in their thoughts and prayers...and we'll do what we can from a distance to watch over sue for you.

love and hugs xxx