Saturday, March 14, 2009

"It seems like all I ever do is pee"

So, went the conversation between T and I in the ladies room as we got ready to leave the movie theater this afternoon. We went and saw Gran Torino, by Clint Eastwood, and it was really a very good show, but there wasn't a one of us who wasn't dying to get to the restroom by the time it was over...

Truly, one of the most obvious effects of this dietary regimen has been that each one of us is continually beating a path to the bathroom. Sorry, that is likely "too much information" for most people, but it is the plain and unvarnished truth.

So... in the midst of all this deadly serious counting of servings and pills and pounds, I wondered if there weren't some anthem appropriate to our circumstances, and thanks to the wonders of Google, I found just the thing. Enjoy!

Lyrics -- You're a nation bright as gold. You're a nation no one can hold. You're a nation in the morning You're a nation at night You're a nation in pain You're a nation in delight You're a nation of many fine colors You're a nation going every which way You're a nation that burns You're a nation that yearns You're a nation twists and turns You're a nation, You're a nation I love the land I live on I hope that you do, too You're a nation upon it, you know it's here for you The world watches you and me Do you know what they see? They see You're a nation, You're a nation on TV You're a nation, You're a nation You're a nation in pajamas You're a nation in your sleep You're a nation in your gym shorts Running down the street You're a nation together You're a nation alone You're a nation at work You're a nation at home You're a nation with the latest joke About ol' W. You're a nation for peace You're a nation of Red, White, and Blue


T said...

Oh for goodness sakes!

Silly Swan....whatever will we do with your twisted self?


Amber said...


And yeah, it doesn't help to be older, either. I find I can go out and run errands for hours and not go at all and then the moment I drive back into the garage it's like Pavlov's dogs, suddenly I have to GO and I must dash to the bathroom like my life depended on it; slamming through the door and flinging my purse onto the ground in my rush. So weird!