Friday, March 6, 2009

Tom Has Clearance!

We have all been silently holding our breath awaiting Tom's cardiac clearance. No clearance? No By-Pass Surgery...simple as that! It has been a long time coming. His cardio-Doc was rather negative last visit. "You are changing the way God made you" sort of comments. And was tossing Tom through 2 different Stress Tests to find out that his heart is PRECISELY the same as it was 4 years ago when he put us all through a cardic catheterization that found NOTHING WRONG!

We all appreciate a cautious Doc. We don't want Tom doing surgery to have a cardiac event on the operating table.....but I was ready to take a stick to the guy!

Today, it was as if Tom was seeing a different-Doc. Pleasant, agreeable, and says this will be great and it was especially good that we were both doing it together, supporting each other. Where the heck was THIS Doc last week??? I am wondering if there is an Evil-Twin somewhere that was locked in a closet today.

But, anyhoo.... we are good to go! "Last Suppers" are occurring. I have done a big-shop for most of the food-stuffs we will need over the next few weeks, months, etc. One of my co-worker's brought in Pizza today for everyone...Very tasty...guess it is my "Last Lunch"!

Look out Heidi Klum! Here I come!!!!!


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M:e said...

Woohoo!! Great news on Tom, you must all be so relieved that's out of the way!

love and hugs xxx