Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 11 Report

Another early morning meeting after a late night and flukey results. According to my scale I gained 2.5 pounds yesterday. No, I didn't deviate from my diet one iota and on this ridiculous level of food consumption I gained 2.5 pounds. I know, I know I should watch the scale every day and my body is become very calorie efficient in reaction to starvation, etc. The good news is I am not bumbed or disheartened. I am just glad I have managed to adhere to this regimen perfectly.

sue gained a pound too yesterday, to get to 194. There seems to have been a wave of weight gain in the heron household.

t, though, had better results. She lost a pound down to 287 and so is down 12 pounds now.

So on it goes. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and we will be done with this phase and then it is on to surgery for t and I, and the beginning of care giver role for sue, Monday.

In response to M:e yesterday, we both passed our presurgical physicals with flying colors so everything is in "go" mode.

All the best and thank you for all your support.


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T said...

ACK!!!! Didn't I just say on "The Heron Clan" that this man remembers EVERYTHING??? Not 20 minutes ago I told him that I was at 255 lbs!!!! I have never weighed 287....(where is that stick....somebody needs a beating!


Hermione said...

As has already been said, this really isn't about loss or gain, so I'm glad you are fine with the gain, mystefying though it might be.

So surgery is next week. That must have caused sue a bit of turmoil, since the school year is not over yet. I assume she has a competent substitute lined up.


swan said...

Hermione -- I am on spring break next week. That is why we've moved so quickly to fit this in now rather than trying to put it off until summer. I'll be able to stay at the hospital, and then be around the house for the first 4 days or so once we get them home.


LynLass said...

One more "nurse" comment: (I can't help myself, I am one)

Diet soda, unless you're drinking something unusual, has a high level of sodium, the big culprit in fluid retention. Even with a diuretic, it can still cause some retention. My guess is that with late night meetings, you might be drinking a bit more???

No thoughts on T' plateau....But it will change soon!!!

Hang in there!

Hermione said...

Thanks for the explanation, swan. Our week off for public and high schools, which we call March break, is this week so I didn't think of your taking advantage of a school break.

What excellent planning! I hope the two patients will be well enough to cope by the time you go back to class.


M:e said...

Glad you sailed through the pre-surgery checks. Have you any idea how much weight I might be losing doing all this jumping up and down for you

lots of love and non-calorific hugs xxx

Sir said...

Y/you know folks it is something in the air out Y/your way that keeps adding to Y/your figures, Y/your just going to have to blow that wind away....

Owner of morningstar

littleone said...

i just wanted to say "good luck" now.. as Sir and i are going away this weekend and i am so afraid that when we get home on Sunday evening i won't remember to come on here and say it....



and know that even though i will be at work on Monday i will be thinking about you all..

and i am sure swan will post as soon as it is over to let us know you are both fine !!!

good luck (again, and again, and yet again)

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Karen Baker said...

I am so thinking of you all. You are so strong and brave....

sin said...

Did you gasp when you saw that he'd said your weight wrong, like that, for the world to see? Just shows he's struggling with this crazy diet.
Good luck to you all,

swan said...

Thank you all for all the wonderful comments.

Just to clarify, Lynlass -- Master has, for many years, consumed Diet Rite diet sodas. They have no sodium and no caffeine. So there will be no worries in that regard. Post-surgically, the concern becomes the carbonation, so that will be the end of it, but until then...

We've hit another hurdle this evening. Just after 4 PM, while Master was still at work, and while T was at Costco, she received a phone call telling her that they were transporting Master's father to the emergency room by ambulance. He had some sort of transient paralysis in his leg, and nearly wrecked his car while driving his lady friend home from a doctor's appointment. They were at the independent living center where they both reside when this occured, and staff went out and carried him into the center, and then called the ambulance.

I got the call from T at about 4:20, just as I was arriving home from school. Then I talked to Master, only to find that He'd not taken the appropriate foods with Him today and was getting very hungry and weak. So, I dashed into the house and packed what was needed, and then headed off to meet "grandpa" at the hospital. Master arrived just after I did, and T came in a few minutes later.

It is now some 5 hours after the first calls came in, and T and I have come home. As we were leaving, they had taken Master's dad off to get a CAT scan. He has yet to see a doctor.

We are hoping this is some minor glitch. He does not seem to be exhibiting signs or symptoms of stroke, but the paralysis is alarming. We are in "wait and see" mode at this point. I very much doubt that Master will consent to go ahead with the surgery if it turns out that His father has some sort of serious medical issue.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Liara Covert said...

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Raheretic said...

I just got home from the hospital, signed on, and WOW! What a great bunch of comments today!

My Dad is staying the night in the hospital. They found no signs of stroke in his CT scan. His tests and X-rays are normal. His symptoms seem to have disappeared. They can't explain what happened, but are certain that having a paralysis in your 90 year old leg (even if it did get better) is not a sign of robust good health. So they are keeping him to watch him, and have him evaluated by a neurologist tomorrow, receive some physical therapy, and do any addtional tests that might result. We don't know when he will get out. I sure hope it's before the surgery so we can take him home.

I was concerned earlier that had he had a stroke or was otherwise seriously ill, I might have to delay my surgery, but this appears manageable so far, unless something more insidious ensues over the weekend.

Otherwise thank you for all your supportive comments. They help a great deal.

All the best,


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.