Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 12 -- One Thing After Another


The levels of complexity around us are just almost too much to stand.

The daily weight report is that Master is back down to the low point of a couple of days ago... 282.5 pounds. T has stayed the same, so she is 255. I have lost the weight that I regained, so I am back to my low point of 192.5. We have just about a day and a half to go.

Master managed to hire a new development director for His agency yesterday. The old director, who's been with them for about 5 years just left to take another position in Vancouver. The plan is for Master to go into work this afternoon to meet with this new person and get Him oriented and set up so that the development function can be continued while He is off recovering.

The really difficult circumstance that is coming into play at this point, is that Master's father, who is 90 years old, was admitted to the emergency room yesterday afternoon, and then subsequently, to the hospital. He was out, driving his lady friend to the doctor when, coming home, he lost the use of his right leg. The only way he could move it was to lift it with both hands. As they pulled into the parking lot at the center where they live, his foot was mashed down onto the accelerator, and he couldn't lift it off. He drove over the curb, across the lawn, nearly clipped the corner of the building, and after the lady pulled his leg off the pedal, finally coasted to a stop a good long ways from the front door. Staff pulled him out of the car and called an emergency squad who transported him to the hospital around 4:15 in the afternoon.

By the time we left him last night, he'd regained use of the leg. He was entirely lucid, and more than just a little crabby. The hospital had X-rayed his chest and done a CAT scan and found nothing to indicate what the problem might have been. They were planning to have him evaluated by a neurologist today.

This morning, the news is that he has low blood pressure which is continuing to drop, and they do not seem to be able to correct that situation. There is currently some talk that he will be transferred to the intensive care unit within the next couple of hours. This seems ominous no matter how we try to look at it.

The scheduled surgeries are currently up in the air. There is no way that Master will undertake to be disabled while his father's status is in question. So we are waiting. Fear and worry are palpable in our home. Nerves are raw. Tempers are short. There is simply no way to know what this will all come to.



selkie said...

no magic words. just, my thoughts are with you all during this very trying time.

Amber said...

I'm sorry things are so complicated right now for you all. I'll be thinking of you with hopes that everything will resolve soon and you'll get back on track again.