Saturday, March 14, 2009

Your support

I just want to specifically thank selkie, M:e, Amber (BTW, great Costco story), Hermione, Impish 1, Tangerine Tease, finding my submission, littleone, Sir, kitten, Lynlass, Tiggs, jojo, Ceeci, and Sharon for your reading here and much more for your expressions of caring and support. You don't know as things have been difficult and I've felt lousy this last week (and before), how my heart has leaped each time one of you commented here and cheered us on.

Thank each of you for your friendship.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.


Hermione said...

Tom, T and swan, I can't possibly really know what you are all going through, but hey, we've all had our trials and our crosses to bear, one way or another.

I admire you all for being so up-front about it all, and for being able to share your pain with us. I'm not sure that I would be able to permit myself to do the same, even if it meant many shoulders to lean on.

Hang in there, Heron clan! You're doing great.


M:e said...

I'm sometimes on a bit of a time lag reading and commenting here, but send huge helpings of positive thinking winging its way across the miles each day(don't worry, I've checked those thoughts are calorie free!!)

love and hugs xxx

Amber said...

This is such an awesome thing you are all doing! I'm captivated and looking so forward to hearing all about your journeys! :)

sin said...

My pleasure, I wish you all the best,

Impish1 said...

You are so welcome! You have helped me with your sharing and answers when I was learning. Swan has helped me often by sharing her doubts at some points and absolute clarity of thought at others. And T - you just add your own warmth when you pop in. It's nice to know that I helped even a bit. You just keep fighting the good fight - you are doing great with a tough job.