Monday, March 23, 2009

All is Well

Both Master and T came through the surgery just fine. Both are resting. T seems more comfortable at this point than Master -- He seems to have some pretty significant pain. They did have different operations. Master ended up with the rouen-y gastric bypass, and T had the sleeve gastrectomy, so I am thinking that the difference in pain levels may be related to that.

Both are sipping water and tolerating that fairly well. They've had times of queasiness, but no serious nausea which is a very good sign. T has already been up and walked the length of the hospital hallway. Master is due to sit up for the first time in about 15 minutes.

We are all fine. I haven't been able to get connected to the hospital network all day long. Just finally managed to get a connection, so I apologize for keeping everyone waiting to hear. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back tomorrow and update you all.



Sir said...

Fantastic !!! you tell Master and T for U/us now the fun begins :=))

And you take care of yourself...

Owner of morningstar

Anonymous said...

Glad all is well...


Tapestry said...

So very glad to hear that, and hope you can rest now too.

Besides the different procedures I wouldn't rule out the difference between men and women and individual people in general when it comes to dealing with pain.

In any event, I'm so glad for the update, and relieved that part of the process is done.


M:e said...

Such good news I'm going to comment here too!

Here's to a hopefully speedy recovery for T and and strength to you all.


Amber said...

I read the other blog first and left a comment there; just wanted to say here as well how relieved we are, thanks for updating, glad everyone is well. You sound a little tired, I hope you get some rest soon. :)

Anonymous said...

That is such good news!