Tuesday, March 17, 2009

8 Days Down

No one ever said I was anything other than perverse. Yesterday I gained a pound. No, I didn't divert from my diet, but on this very restricted about 800 calorie a day diet, I gained a pound yesterday. Perhaps this is illustrative of why I need such an extreme intervention to deal with my weight. The only particular variance I can think of is that yesterday my schedule was crazy and I was not able to space my eating out at nice even intervals like I have. I got to the end of the day and I had only eaten three of my six allotted side items, so I had a dinner of a cup of cream of wheat with some sugar free maple syrup and a frozen banana chocolate protein shake. This is more food than we typically get at one time. I don't know if that was what resulted in the weight gain. I still ate precisely what we are supposed to have in a day and nothing more.

t this morning is down a half pound and so has lost a total of 10 1/2 pounds. Sue has once again to day remained static neither gaining or losing so she continues to have lost 11 1/2 pounds. So overall we have lost 34 pounds in 8 days. Obviously the dramatic rapid weight loss we experienced in the very beginning has subsided. I actually regained a pound.

Hopefully t's and my livers are both shrinking and shriveling up to tiny little nubs of their former selves. It is good to remember that it is that shrinkage that was the purpose of this diet and the weight loss, that we so much appreciate, is only a side effect.

Thank you for checking in and, once again, for all the supportive comments.

All the best,


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selkie said...

a funny thing happens when one starves onself,... in self-defence the today goes into 'starvation mode" and conserves calories...

as you say, Tom, the CRUCIAL thing is that the diet is doing what it is intended to do and doing what it needs to do to the organs ... the weight loss is a bonus but not the point - I would not be surprised at all if you got on the scales later and had lost that pound and more incidentally.

hang in there! so close now!

sin said...

How discouraging for you. That sucks, to go through what you are going through and actually gain a pound.

You know though, that it will come off again as long as you stick with the program.

And, have you ever lost that much weight in a week before? You are doing so well.

Btw, I find it way easier to comment here than on your other blog. Less intimidating somehow.

good luck this week,

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my delay in commenting here, I have been following along with your progress almost daily.

I know this past week has been difficult for you all but you made it and thats what matters.
Unfortunately, I dont have any "great" inspirational words to give you that might make it easier. But it would seem to me, that while going through something like this, you MUST always keep your eyes on the prize. Just keep looking forward to the end result.
I hope this week is easier for you all, and I am wishing good luck for next monday.


Amber said...

Losing weight 1 to 2 pounds a week is generally considered ideal under regular circumstances and doctors caution most people not to lose faster than that.

I know this are special circumstances before surgery and you are under doctor's orders but you guys have all lost in just one week what people should take several weeks to lose.

No wonder your body is "taking a break". *smiles* Think of it as a marathon and your body is taking a breather before the next hill to climb. :)

Completely normal, you're not "stalling", it's just that no one can lose as quickly as you guys have been losing at the pace you've been doing it for long without pausing here and there.

If I may offer a suggestion, since I've done much dieting and fasting off and on in my life...unless the doctors said specifically to weigh yourselves each day, try not to. Maybe every three days? Because even though you probably already know everything I just said, one cannot help but be discouraged to step on the scale and not see it go down. Especially after such hard work.

You're all doing so GREAT! :)

Impish1 said...

I see Selkie beat me to it, so I will second her comment. You bodies have reacted to the disturbing new fact that there is famine in your world by trying to make sure you all survive it. In doing do, it drastically slows down your metabolism which results in it burning calories at a much slower rate ( as well as a lot of other unpleasant side effects that you've noticed). That's why it's a terrible idea to lose weight this way. It should only be used for medical purposes as you are doing. Hang in there and don't get discouraged - you are serving your purpose with the diet even if you don't see it at the scale, and should be very proud. It's not an easy thing you are doing.

littleone said...

i second everyone's comments..

BUT i had a thought... (wow!! a thought at this ungodly hour of the morning !) You ate Your biggest meal in the evening... my mother always used to say .. "Eat like a king in the morning and a pauper at dinner" i am also guessing you weigh yourselves in the AM. which means that biggest meal had not been burned off...

But i am sure by now You have worked all that through - and being in the mind set You are - all of you are - i don't imagine this little bleep on the screen will deter You.......

keep on keeping on...

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