Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Upcoming Events

We are on a roll.

We had our final pre-surgery appointment with the surgeon and his staff yesterday (3/2/09).

We have an appointment on 3/16/09 at the hospital for pre-admission testing.

We have an appointment on 3/19/09 at our PCP for the pre-surgical exam.

And then we are at the hospital at 5am on 3/23/09 for surgery.

Finally!!! I feel like we have been chasing Doctors for weeks. And if I am stress out over keeping track of our shared schedule, Tom's individual schedule has been even more hectic. On top of our shared appointments, he has been to the endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, orthopedist, has had 1 stress test and is scheduled for another tomorrow, has an appointment for back injection the week before surgery. Then there are his father's appointments, that we share then handling of. And my weekly grocery shopping for Dad-in-Law, as well. And within all of that, we have had to maintain our work schedules, Tom's additional meetings (Day & Night ones), and try to find some down-time to get a break and recharge.

I think we are going to have to be hospitalized to get a break (g). Maybe they will give us big enough beds so Sue can crawl in with us an nap.

Sue mentioned that we were going to need a calendar to keep everything straight.....It better be a HUGE calendar, I'm just sayin'!!!



swan said...

I just remembered... I have a desk calendar with write in spaces -- BIG! It is tucked in the corner of my classroom. Will bring it home. That will help to keep us organized. Maybe.


M:e said...

I chuckled at you needing to finally get to the hospital to rest.....cos my question was going to be 'when do you find time to sleep??!!

What a schedule! That calendar swan's mentioned sounds as if it might be put to good use.

love and hugs xxx