Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Progress Report

Yesterday there were two positive developments in this recovery saga.

First, Master had the first dressing change since the wound V.A.C. I wasn't there, but both T and Master told me that the wounds are looking MUCH improved, and that the smaller of the two holes is so much improved that by Friday of this week, it may be closed completely and no longer need the wound V.A.C. The other is progressing as well, but since it was larger to begin with, it is likely to take a bit more time.

The second thing that happened yesterday is that Master and T took a drive to Master's office so that He could attend the staff meeting there. It was a "surprise" visit as they didn't tell anyone they were coming. It sounds like the whole crew was thrilled to actually get to see Him and talk with Him. I think it was good for everyone concerned. T took goodies, and I suspect they enjoyed those too, but just getting some face time with Himself was a real plus.

Last night, both T and Master were tired from the exertions of the day, but it was a good tired. He and I are still waking up in the night to take care of pain medications every four hours, so there is no such thing as uninterrupted sleep, but in between, He seems to be sleeping much more comfortably than just a few days ago.

I am beginning to believe that we may eventually see the end of this part of this business. It will not be too soon for any of us. I know that.



selkie said...

Does the Happy Pants Dance! Selkie does the Happy Pants Dance! Awesome news!!

M:e said...

That's wonderful progress....on all fronts!!!

love and hugs xxx

Amber said...

(LOL at Selkie! I love that video, lol!

What a long hard road this has been! Glad it's progressing. :)