Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's NOT All About Me.....

I am not used to putting me first. Because I have been doing so well, I thought it was more important to tell Tom's story. He has had a hidious time and I wanted to make sure it was well documented.

But a few have asked, so here goes.....

I am good. I am healing VERY well. Losing steri-strips and what is being exposed is pretty healthy looking. We have been dieting and then the surgery for less than 1 month and I have lost 30 pounds. I still tire easily. Naps are my friends. I am not doing enough vitamins/minerals and need to work on that to make sure I remain healthy.

I am starting to "work" recipes to make tasty stuff to eat. I made a pureed chicken salad that Tom and I like alot (Sue, not so much....sorry, Sister-Heart). Have also done a homemade egg drop soup and tonight, am working on a cream of chicken soup. I have made a blueberry topping for frozen sugar-free yogurt. The next thing I am DYING FOR is Sue's Cheese Souffle. It is one of the most delectable dishes on the planet.

I am a voracious reader and when I do not feel great, I have a reader's slump. I finally finished a book. Took me a week (usually I read 1 a day), and it was not a taxing read, but it is read.

Sooooo, to answer your questions. I am doing well. And will improve greatly now that I can get eyes on Tom whenever I want!!

Thanks, all!



Anonymous said...

T, Thanks for the up-date on you...glad all is going well. Wonderful news that Tom is home, I will keep you all in my thoughts.

I have been wondering about your diet, as in what can you not eat, portions etc. If you and Tom had different types of surgury, are your diets different?

Sorry if I am too nosy....I am so grateful that you have shared your journey..

My best to you, Tom, and Sue


LynLass said...

Glad you all are doing so well.

Since your incision is healing so nicely. If you poke a hole (I use a push pin) in a Vitamin E capsule and smear it on the incision 2x a day, it will heal even better. I did it last year after surgery and at my one month check-up and 3 month check up, my surgeon said she'd never had a patient that had healed as well as I had!

Blessings for all of you.

T said...

Karen, Right now, the big thing is protein. 60-ish grams for me and 80-ish grams for Tom. We have been using UNJURY Protein powder to get most of our proteins, but I am trying to make a few tasty options, as well. Our diets are not terribly different. Tom is going to be prone to possible "Dumping" and I am not. I still have full stomach function since my stomach is a sleeve. Tom doesn't have as much "normal" stomach as I do, since his is a small pouch made out of the top of the stomach and about 7 feet of intestines removed then reattached to the pouch. We can eat about 1/4 - 1/3 cup of food at a meal. We are still on alot of liquids, so that varies a bit. We have 3 meals and 3 snacks and need to intake about 64 oz. of water daily. We have found Ocean Spray Pink Grapefruit powder (a "Crystal Light" type product) and a Wal-mart knock-off that is a Cranberry and these seem to be our favorites, today. Water gets boring after awhile. We are avoiding carbs and starches right now. But Tom and I are dying to try toast. We read that bread is not tollerated well, but toast is. I am willing to try a toasted slice of bread....dying to, in fact. But it is probably too soon. I have found Baby Goldfish crackers, and as long as I chew them to death, I can do about 10 at a time (approx. 4 regular size).

Hope that helps! T

selkie said...

T, thank you so much for the update - I have been fretting. You and your sister have kept us updated so well on poor Tom but I kept thinking, you're JUST out of a HUGE surgery YOURSELF. my mind is somewhat eased! I'm going to ask my sister for some ideas for food too - she didn' thvae what you had but a stomach band so had to limit a lot of foods and quantities as well.

M:e said...

This is good to read T. You seem to be doing incredibly well. Had a feeling you probably were, as I think Sue would have written something if you weren't but its neverless good to know.

I can endorse what Lyn said about vitamin E oil being good for healing and minimising scarring. Once everything is fully healed, Bio Oil is very good too, but Vitamin E is probably cheaper.

love and hugs xxx

submissivebrat said...

Sorry that I have not posted congrats sooner. I guess I was waiting to here that Tom was fine. I have been reading your posts to my roommate and we have appreciated the insight you have given on the healing process. Her 2 daughters are having the surgery as well. One is having it this Wednesday and the other in June. Your posts about what is happening in your lives have helped to ease some of her fears about what her daughters are doing.

Again let me say congrats on your road to health and we are so happy that you are doing well T and that Tom is home and on the mend.


Impish1 said...

It may not all be about you, but it is about you... we care about the collective you, and the individual you in this unique and inspiring family of three. Thanks for the update, glad to hear you are doing so well. Now, please tell me Swan is not going to drop from exhaustion!

Hermione said...

T - that is very good to hear. I know you are an excellent cook, so this will be a wonderful adventure for you as you discover delicious recipes suited to your new internal configuration.