Sunday, April 19, 2009

To Trudge...


Sorry about that...we didn't mean to just vanish without a word.

It is just that life in the last week or so has devolved down to a slogging, trudging, plod from day to day.

This business of recovery has turned wearisome. We are all just tired. Tired of hurting. Tired of nurses and doctors. Tired of medication schedules. Tired of queasiness and worrying about whether we are getting all of the right stuff in each day.

trudge -- To walk in a laborious, heavy-footed way; plod. A long, tedious walk.

The wound V.A.C. is still doing its thing and there is progress on that front. No word yet on how soon we'll be done with that.

As for weight loss, that does seem to be the one part of this that is going as advertised. As of this morning, Master has lost 49 pounds, and T has lost 34 pounds. She went to visit with her mother yesterday, and when she put her fanny pack around her waist, it just dropped to the floor. Tah Dah! Time to shorten the belt on that baby :-)

It is working its way toward spring, and I need to work on shifting the closets around. I'm imagining that He's going to want smaller pants and smaller shirts, but until we get the belly healed up, it is hard to contemplate trying on "grown-up" pants. He is pretty dedicated to His sweats at this point.

We are cooking more and more from the Egg Face website recipes. Of the things we've tried so far, her stuff seems the most viable and interesting.

We ordered Him a special Bento Box for carrying His lunches and snacks as He begins to contemplate going back to work. It hasn't arrived yet, but we'll do a product review when we see if it works as we hope it will.

That's it for news. Thanks for stopping by.


M:e said...

Bless you sweetheart for finding the time to put up this posting. I know many of us will have been wondering how you're going, and not wanting to bother you on email to ask....trusting that things are ok and that you'll tell us one way or another when you've time.

Just know we're still thinking of you all, still routing for you, and still pleased things are going well.

love and hugs xxx

sin said...

I don't know what they told you about recovery period, but I know when I had C-sections they told me that recovery from abdominal surgery was 6 weeks - 3 months, depending on the age and health of the patient. And its wearying waiting to get better, feeling like you are NEVER going to feel well, or even just fine again. And then eventually you just do. Stay with it (as if you had a choice!) and try to stay as positive as possible, and one day you will feel well again.

And OMG 34 and 49 punds! That is awesome. Congrats! Go shopping for new clothes T... that will make you feel better!


Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is still healing. I'm just interested in the progress because I'd like to have the surgery but my insurance doesn't cover it. Guess I'm living vicariously thru you alls experiences. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I am glad everyone is going in the right direction in terms of recovering. Hopefully that will continue to be the case. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Things take time, that's for sure...Glad to hear you are all kind of ok. I hope completely ok will come very soon.