Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The past several days have delivered doom, gloom, and crap.... Today, it changed! I got to the hospital with my Mom to see a Clear-eyed, pink faced, HANDSOME MAN sitting up in a chair! I about cried when I saw him looking so well. He had a full liquid meal, augmented with 1.5 protein shakes I brought with me. All stayed down, with very limited burps. I assisted (very minor assistance was needed) Tom to get a shower. He had a dressing change. I can live with 2 holes in his tummy that WILL HEAL. He took NO pain medication while I was there. He napped briefly, but didn't moan, as he did the previous visits.

On our way to the hospital, my Mom asked if she could get him a magazine or crossword book to help him pass his time. I said that Tom really doesn't do any of those things, but that once he was online checking stats and reading posts, I would KNOW he was better.....Before we got there he WAS CHECKING STATS AND READING POSTS & EMAILS!!!!!!!

The Resident-Squad told us that if he continues, we might have him home this weekend on IV/Oral antibiotics and a Home Nurse every day or 2 for awhile. I do not care who has to come into our home to care for long as the 3 of us are together while it happens.

Sue has been a ROCK. She is working full-time in the days and returning to the hospital each afternoon after school. Usually she looks exhausted and I feel guilty. Today, when we left them, she was radiant. She sees what I am seeing..... a NEAR future reuniting of our family in one place. I cannot ever express how much more I love Sue today than I ever have before. She has cared for the most important person in my life as well as or better than I ever could. Sue is who will bring Tom home. And I will be thrilled!

Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes. This community ROCKS!!



selkie said...

oh what TERRIFIC news!! I am so happy for all of you!

I'm really a wee bit worried about YOU T - how are YOU doing? How are you feeling hun? (I mean physically)

oh please please may everything continue to improve each day and you all be home this weekend!

Tapestry said...

Thank you for sharing such joyous news! It is truly wonderful to know that healing is on the way for Tom, which will allow you all to be home, which will in turn assist with everyone healing and regaining strength and energy.
Congrats on the awesome steps forward.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely the very best news!!!!


littleone said...

like everyone else i was delighted to hear the good news !!!

You guys.. all of you.. have been such .. i don't know the right word.. inspiration?? to me..

god i wish i was close enough to come give you all a big hug !!!

i can't wait to hear that Raheretic is home safe and sound ..

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Anonymous said...



jojo said...


Amber said...

I AM SMILING SO HARD! So happy for you, so so happy!

Ah, great GREAT news!!!

Now, I'm dashing out the door because it might be (might be) time for our daughter to give birth!

Wish me luck! She doesn't think so but she wants me because she's having what she thinks might be contractions, so...

I'm off!


Amber said...


oh well...false alarm.

Still, of course beyond excited for you guys! :)

M:e said...


Lets all send the strongest prayers that things keep improving now and you'll all be home together soon.

love and hugs xxx

Impish1 said...

The best news, the best! So glad to hear it, and so many thanks for getting it to us so quickly. Good to hear from you too, have not forgotten you at home mostly alone. Thank heavens you have been healing so well. Keep it up!

Sir said...

This is great news, no other words can say it better.

Owner of morningstar

Anonymous said...

What great news. I'm glad he is doing better.


Hermione said...

Adding my cheers to the chorus, and doing the happy dance with the rest of your faithful followers.


Anonymous said...

This is very good news.
Congratulations to all of you.