Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Update

As of this morning.....

Tom has lost 54 pounds.

Teresa has lost 44 pounds.

Sue has lost 11 pounds. (together, we have lost a "Super-Model")

If Tom continues to progress as he is, the wound VAC might be history in 2 more days.

I am having tummy troubles. Most foods make me sick to my stomach. Cottage cheese and applesauce are my friends. Probably calling the nutritionist to see what can be done.

That's the scoop!



Impish1 said...

Well, that's not good - hope your tummy feels better soon. It's looking so lovely, how dare it misbehave!

littleone said...

T - i am sorry you are having a wee set back.. hopefully the nutritionist will have some magic formula to end this upset tummy...

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