Friday, April 10, 2009

One Month Photos

We began this journey on March 9, when the pre-surgical diet started. On that day, Master weighed 301 pounds and T weighed 268 pounds.

We are now one month into all of this, and almst three weeks post-surgery. As of this morning, Master has lost 42 pounds and T has lost 32.

We took pictures at the beginning, and it is our plan to keep taking photos at intervals as we go along, so here are photos at this one month milestone --


Anonymous said...

You look mahhhhvouloussssss....good thoughts on your continued healing, well being, and restored health



selkie said...

you guys look AWESOME!!! Tom, so good to see you up and about..T you look so HEALTHY!!

Sir said...

Don't you ppl fade away on us now...

Congrats so far

Owner of morningstar

sin said...

That's fantastic isn't it?

T, I smiled to see your poses. You look like you feel great about yourself.

Tom, you look calmer, more reserved. Its been a harder road for you.

Congratulations to you all,

M:e said... both look fantastic, and, like Sin, T's poses made me smile.

Way to go Heron Clan!!

love and hugs xxx

kitten said...

Looking good : )