Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Days!

We had a PCP visit yesterday. Our PCP is an Infectious Disease specialist and she is taking over Tom's care, regarding the infection. They did a test on the larger wound and will get results in a few days, but she did not seem to be concerned about the look of everything. And has a follow-up visit with her scheduled for next week. He has also had a BUNCH of drugs discontinued (see below). Today the wound VAC was reinstalled over the larger wound only. It has been a good few days.

Over the counter supplements and medications--
daily multiple vitamin (converted to chewable) - CANCELLED
aspirin (81 mg/ once daily) for heart health
glucosamine (1500 mg/twice daily) for joint health - CANCELLED
chromium (200 mcg/once daily) to increase glucose tolerance - CANCELLED
CoQ-10 (50 mg/twice daily) for heart health - CANCELLED
Saw Palmetto (540 mg/once daily) for prostate health - CANCELLED
D3 and K2 (1000 IU/once daily) for bone support
MagOx (400 mg)/once daily for acid indigestion - CANCELLED
Zyrtec for allergies related to Bi-PAP use
Calcium Citrate

Prescription medications--
actos (30 mg/once daily) diabetes
janumet (50 mg/1000 mg/twice daily) diabetes - CANCELLED
ultram (100 mg/twice daily) arthritis pain
celebrex (200 mg/twice daily) arthritis pain - CANCELLED
zetia (10 mg/ once daily) cholesterol
welchol (625 mg/ 6 times daily) cholesterol - CANCELLED
vesicare (5mg/once daily) prostate health
lovaza (1 gm/once daily) cholesterol - CANCELLED
gabapentin (100 mg/three times daily) meuralgia nerve pain - CANCELLED
diovan hct (320 /25 mg once daily) high blood pressure
furosemide (40 mg/ twice daily) edema
potassium cl (10MEQ / twice daily) required with furosemide
protonix (40 mg / once daily) GERD - CANCELLED
folbic (once daily) diabetic neuropathy
flonase (once daily) allergies related to use of Bi-PAP
Androgel (once daily) hormone replacement
Lidoderm patch (once daily) meuralgia nerve pain - CANCELLED

I had my blood pressure medication reduced; cancelled Celebrex; cancelled lovaza.

We are on the mend and full steam ahead!



Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! I am so very happy for you . Relieved many more good days..


Anonymous said...

Tom & T

Congratulations on your continued improvement. It is so great that your required medications are disappearing so quickly.