Friday, April 3, 2009

He's Coming Home, He's Done His Time.....

Yeppers! Tom just called and said the surgeon is going to spring him today!!!! 12 Days after surgery and many trials and tummy-holes later we are about to be reunited under the same roof!!!

The surgeon also says that he is Definitely going to be able to use the wound Vac, and that will speed up the closing of the 2 tummy-holes.

I cannot express all the appreciation my family has for all of you. Your good wishes have helped more than any of you will EVER know. You cheered me up when I thought there was no way but down.

Thanks! Maybe the next post will be from TOM!!!



swan said...

When I left the hospital at 6:30 this morning, it was looking possible, but questionable. I am so thrilled to hear it is actually going to happen... We are going to be home. We will eat our own food. We will sleep in our own beds. We will be all together again. It has been forever and I am so tired and I miss my sister-heart and I want to sleep past 4AM in the worst kind of way and if I never, ever set foot in another hospital cafeteria or another fast food restaurant for as long as I live, that will be just fine with me.

We made it family! We are on the other side. There is healing to do, but we are going to be home and healing.

Happy dancing all over the place...

Anonymous said...

HOORAY seems to sum it up!!! My best wishes to the three, and healing thoughts to Tom and T.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! How super. Although you still have a long road, it will probably be easier just because he's home and the 3 of you will be together. Sending good thoughts.


M:e said...

HoOrAy hOoRaY hOoRaY HoOrAy hOoRaY !!!!!!

Oops....that's what happens when I try to type AND do the happy dance at the same time.....and sorry...was I VERY noisy?!!

I am SOOOOO pleased to hear this. Sat here with the BIGGEST smile I think I've ever smiled in my life for you all.

Its been a long road, and yes, more to go, but hopefully the worst is now over.

loads of love and hugs


Hermione said...

Too, too, too wonderful! I am SO happy.

But er...woundVac? That sounds ouchy. Something for me to Google today.

Hugs times 3,

selkie said...

so happy for you all!

there isn't a one of you that hasn't made huge sacrifices over the past almost two weeks - and swan, now you can actually stop some of your fretting sweetie! Your family will BOTH be there and you can worry about them all at ONCE.

T - I hope your healing is progressing and so happy that your family is being reunited!

littleone said...

swan.. you did a good job clicking those heels together !!!

i will enjoy my weekend much more knowing your family is together and healing. :)

morningstar (owned by Warren)

sin said...

Gosh you must all be so relieved.

And.. would it be wrong and shallow to ask for an update about weight loss at this point?


Amber said...

That's wonderful! ENJOY!

We're having people over for dinner tonight; we'll propose a toast to your health(s). (Is that correct?) anyway...


LynLass said...

The wound vac is absolutely awesome. I did a stint as a home health nurse and was trained on using it, had several patients that had one. It was amazing how quickly those wounds healed. I quietly had my fingers crossed for Tom in the background, hoping he'd be a good candidate. So I'm doing a happy dance for all of you as well. We're going to see Les Mis tonight. For me it will be the celebration of you being together again!

Enjoy your first all together again evening at home!

kitten said...

That is wonderful news!


Cherryleopard said...

Excellent news! I bet the healing accelerates dramatically when you are all home, resting better, and not enduring the numerous interruptions and "ughs" of hospital life.

Keeping positive thoughts flowing your way,


p said...

i am so happy for all three of you. You have each been thru an ordeal and showed the grandest of strength, clinging to each other and focusing on one another. Truely Your family bond has shown bright to all who peek into your lives.