Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About Drugs -- Change we can See

Before the surgery, we listed the drugs that Master was taking and hoped that, as weigh loss occured and improved health began to be the reality, we'd see a decrease in the medications He was taking. Here's where we stand at this point (discontinued medications are shown in red). Some of these have been discontinued because they were simply too difficult to swallow and the condition they were intended to address seems to have improved or righted itself... There's a series of doctor's appointments scheduled in the next few weeks that may eliminate others. At this point, this amounts to an almost 35% reduction in the number of medications He's using...

Over the counter supplements and medications--
daily multiple vitamin (converted to chewable)
aspirin (81 mg/ once daily) for heart health
glucosamine (1500 mg/twice daily) for joint health
chromium (200 mcg/once daily) to increase glucose tolerance
CoQ-10 (50 mg/twice daily) for heart health
Saw Palmetto (540 mg/once daily) for prostate health
D3 and K2 (1000 IU/once daily) for bone support
MagOx (400 mg)/once daily for acid indigestion
Zyrtec for allergies related to Bi-PAP use

Prescription medications--
actos (30 mg/once daily) diabetes
janumet (50 mg/1000 mg/twice daily) diabetes
ultram (100 mg/twice daily) arthritis pain
celebrex (200 mg/twice daily) arthritis pain
zetia (10 mg/ once daily) cholesterol
welchol (625 mg/ 6 times daily) cholesterol
vesicare (5mg/once daily) prostate health
lovaza (1 gm/once daily) chloesterol
gabapentin (100 mg/three times daily) meuralgia nerve pain
diovan hct (320 /25 mg once daily) high blood pressure
furosemide (40 mg/ twice daily) edema
potassium cl (10MEQ / twice daily) required with furosemide
protonix (40 mg / once daily) GERD
folbic (once daily) diabetic neuropathy
flonase (once daily) allergies related to use of Bi-PAP
Androgel (once daily) hormone replacement
Lidoderm patch (once daily) meuralgia nerve pain


M:e said... encouraging! Hopefully there'll be more off the list soon.

love and hugs xxx

Impish1 said...

Progress can be measured in many different ways; that's real progress.
Thinking of you each day, and sending you strength, confidence, forbearance, and faith for the future.

Sir said...

And I thought I had too many pills...

Owner of morningstar

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