Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Morning

Life seems to fall into a recuperation routine for me. Now I get up and see swan off, after she makes us some breakfast, supplies me with morning drinks, etc. Usually t comes over about 9:00 and we watch TV and nap most of the morning until I get motivated to shower/have my wound dressings changed by t. Then we come up with some high protein options for lunch, and often I nap much of the afternoon until swan gets home about 3:30 to 4:00.

I am, I think slowly improving. One of my two wounds is requiring significantly less packing to fill it, indicating it is healing.

The downside is as time goes on and healing progresses, my wounds are beginning to hurt. I am back on pretty continual pain medication, which makes me feel "medicated."

Overall my weight loss has leveled off at 40 pounds and t has lost 32.

T seems to continue to recover well, although had a more "down day" yesterday.

My wound vac device is supposed to be delivered here today. Hopefully we can get the home care people to come out and install it. Tomorrow at noon t and I both have a follow up appointment with our surgeon. My goodness, I am looking forward to a Dr.'s appointment as an outing and a deviation from routine. swan is off school tomorrow because of Good Friday, thus she will be able to accompany us. I bet they will not be surprised to see the three of us there together:)

Thank you again for all the support, kind words, advice, and caring.


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M:e said...

Sleep is very healing. I think we underestimate what our bodies go through at times like these. Good to hear the wounds are healing, though I'm sorry to hear they're so painful. Lets hope the wound vac will speed things up.

love and hugs to you all xxx