Sunday, April 5, 2009


I appreciate all of the suggestions for scar reduction/removal. I have read all the articles about it and have even tried some of the products.

As many of you know, 9 years ago I had a very extensive surgery/recovery. I have numerous scars and have actually been left without a belly-button. I have about 7 tiny scars (less than 1 inch), one scar that is about 7 inches long (colostomy & reversal) and another that is about 12 inches long and 1/2 inch wide (main entry to repair damage from ruptured diverticuli and peritonitis). I also have had 7 hernia repairs along these scar lines. I have had bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery and a cyst removed from the back of a wrist. So, as you can see, I am not a stranger to scars.

Tom doesn't mind my scars. He appreciates the skills used to keep me alive. So for me, scars are not a biggie on my list.

But thanks for the concern, all the same.... You folks are wonderful!


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Tapestry said...

T, I also feel that scars are not bad. In some ways I view them as a badge of honor.

The dear friend who had heart-valve replacement surgery and still wears v-neck clothes agrees that the scar is beautiful since it's why she's still alive today.

My c-section scar which is a beautiful reminder of my son, and the knowledge which kept both him and me healthy during his delivery.

The little scars from my recent gall-bladder removal - not very visible like other scars, but again, a reminder of how much better I feel and how much healthier I am now.

I don't mind scars at all.