Thursday, April 30, 2009

Infection Update

Last week, when we went to our PCP/Infections Disease Doc., they did a test on the inside of Tom's largest wound. We got the results back yesterday and he has a secondary infection. Cipro was prescribed and started last night. HUGE PILLS. We no longer can do any pills larger than a shirt button. First we cut them in half. Today it was in fourths. And Tom says they taste terrible.

Today was the return to the PCP/IDD, and he explained the situation and they have prescribed Liquid Cipro. Whew! A relief. And the wound VAC is done, as far as the PCP/IDD is concerned. So as long as the surgeon agrees tomorrow, the VAC is history!

His smallest wound is scabbed over and looks like a belly dimple. I am telling everyone that he is a bad-ass and it is a bullet wound. The larger one is about 1/2 centimeter deep and about 2x4 centimeters in diameter. We are doing wet/dry dressings 2 times a day, although the PCP/IDD says we really only have to change it 1 time daily. What a difference this makes for Tom. Not having to haul the "man-bag" around and having to plug into the walls, when possible. You just don't notice how free and spontaneous we all are until you are tethered.

I am still working on the tummy thing for me. Food sucks. I can throw-up something as simple as water. We have the surgeon tomorrow and I might be getting another anti-nausea medication, Zofran (Phenergen tastes HORRIBLE and makes me sleepy).

Today, Tom is having food issues. He is still able to eat, just less than before and he gets an upset stomach easily. He is not as bad as I am, but I wonder if this is a "phase" and we will get over it. Hope so, since it sucks.

That's all folks!


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sin said...

I must say that the ongoing complications from your surgeries surprise me. I admit I had never done any research into bariatric surgery. And it sounds like an easy way to weight loss. But its really not easy is it?

Thank you for sharing your journeys.