Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am almost afraid to say this here, or anywhere -- afraid to jinx it.
So, whispering in a very tiny little voice --

They say that tomorrow, Master might get to go home!

There'll be four different antibiotics to be administered intravenously, and 3x a day dressing changes until the wounds in His belly heal -- perhaps a couple of months or more. That is all a little daunting, and logistically complicated, but we will manage.

T came down to visit this evening, and I packed up most of our accumulated "stuff" and sent it home in her car. Most of it will just sit there in the back of the car until I can get home with Himself tomorrow afternoon, but it is out of the room, and won't have to be dragged out when we finally get the discharge...

I am excited, but also subdued; realizing the size of the mountain we still have to climb to get Him well and strong again. Keep your fingers crossed, friends. Tomorrow we go home again.



littleone said...

i have everything crossed.. fingers..legs.. eyes.. if it can cross trust me it is crossed...

He will heal so much faster at home.. in His own bed.. own house.. with you and T around to nurse him..

i am so happy for all of you !!!

click those heels girl click 'em.. :)

morningstar (owned by Warren)

M:e said...

smiles at morningstar....and imagines all your friends sat here all cross eyed and twisted limbed!!

But we are sweety....and we're hoping with everything we've got that you're all back together again at home this weekend.

love and hugs xxx

Amber said...

Well thank GOD!

Now he can heal.


Impish1 said...

That would be good news indeed. Hoping along with all your buddies...