Sunday, May 3, 2009

Six Weeks

It is exactly 6 weeks since the surgery.

We've had a good weekend. Although, Teresa continues to struggle with upset stomach issues, we have managed to get out to see a local community theater production, and to have our first dinner party with Tom's extended family -- kids, kids' significant others, grandpa and his significant other. Teresa fixed ham and Honey Baked turkey breast, au gratin potatoes, and some broccoli slaw.

The kids had birthday gifts for Tom and a mother's day gift for Teresa.

We had some great conversation and lots of laughter. It was a nice evening.

Yesterday, we went through Tom's closet and sorted out 5 trash bags full of clothing that will be donated to the local Thrift. He is two pants sizes down, and the big issue right now is finding a belt that will work to keep those smaller pants up. Luckily, Tom is a "pack rat" and we have lots and lots and lots of clothes for Him, down through probably 8 or 10 sizes. It is just going to be a matter of finding time to unpack all the bins that I so painstakingly packed up a couple of summers ago. I am imagining that much of what is in there will need to be laundered and pressed before it is really wearable, but I am glad that it is all saved and organized.

Here are the latest photos of the two rapidly vanishing family members. I am not sure what's up with my camera, so they are darker than I like, but still show the changes we are seeing. As of today, Teresa has lost 50 pounds, Tom has lost 56 pounds, and I've lost 12-1/2 pounds.


selkie said...

first, both of you look terrific! second, I still can't get my head around that kind of weight loss in SIX weeks!!

totally awesome.

T, hope your tummy upset is resolved soon - that must make life difficult on many levels - so awful always having something like that nagging at you.

and that is fantastic about how the wound is healing - no more vac!

Congratulations to all!

M:e said...

It feels like ages since I've been here, though I know its not....strange how time seems different in our heads sometimes.

Anyway....get back on track M:e. Just wanted to second what selkie has said here. You've all made AMAZING progress.....awesome describes it perfectly.

Way to go Heron Clan!!!

love and hugs xxx