Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We've Graduated

Yesterday, the visiting nurse saw Tom and formally and officially released Him from their care. She packed up the remaining supplies and the wound VAC, and prepared it to be shipped back to the company. It will be picked up today. She declared that the remaining wound seems clean and free of infection, so the latest antibiotic seems to be doing its job. There will be no more nurse visits. We need only to change the wound dressing each day until it heals, and that should be the end of that. Perhaps another 4-6 weeks. He will see the doctor tomorrow to have the infection looked at again.

Both are still coping with unsettled and unreliable tummys. Hopefully that will resolve with time, but we do seem to be stepping ever so gradually toward some sort of normal life again.

And the weight loss continues. I'll have to leave it to Tom and Teresa to report numbers -- I can't keep up!


M:e said...

Wooohooo.....wonderful news!!

Can I ask for big hugs all around to be distributed from over here please??

lots of love and hugs xxx

Sir said...

WELL DONE E/everyone !!! I knew you all could do it :-))

Owner of morningstar

Impish1 said...

Wonderful news! it's a process: first healing bodies, then healing lives and routines, but you are all well on your way to the beautiful, happy, healthy life you were reaching for. Congratulations - you earned it!