Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Next Milestone

Today when we pried ourselves out of bed (not until 10:00 AM, God I love weekends:) I did my usual first thine morning weigh in. I was 241 pounds. This means that at long last I have finally reached the 60 pound weight loss milestone. My weight loss which had been so rapid at first, has now slowed so I am glad that I finally got here.

T is now down 53 pounds and swan down 12 pounds so we are at a family total of 165 pounds weight loss. This is starting to sound serious!

My eating is getting easier. I am finally learning to sense when I am reaching the capacity of my new stomach and realizing that that means STOP! Don't eat another bite! The consequences of continuing involve a serious stomach ache nausea and sometimes vomiting which may last as long as an hour. It is comforting to finally have accomplished this learning well enough that most of my "meals" don't result in my feeling like I have been hit in the stomach with a cinder block.

Also, when sue and I took one of our walks today, I managed to complete two laps of our complex (equivalent to two miles). While this is hardly a marathon, we accomplished this in less time than one mile required when we first began trying to walk, not long after I was released from the hospital. It too is only a beginning, but it is significant progress.

Thank again for all the support here that has meant so much to all three of us as we are progressing through this.

All the best,


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sin said...

I think there is something wrong with the math here.
But any one of those numbers on their own is amazing. Congrats.


LynLass said...

WOW !!!!!

Impish1 said...

Moving right along - what an accomplishment! I'm so glad you can sense that new stomach's needs now. That will certainly make your life so much easier. And look at you and T. - athletes all!