Monday, May 18, 2009

One Further Minor Step Froward

This morning I weighed 239.5 lbs. Now this is only 1.5 pounds less than I weighed a couple days ago when I was touting that I was 60 pounds down from my starting weight, but it is a milestone. It is in the 230's (just barely) not the 240's! It seemed earlier on that the weight just flew off me, but this last 10 pounds has seemed to just drag on. I felt like I would never slog my way through the 240's, so this morning when a number with a "3" in the second digit place appeared, I gave a mild yahoo ( a very mild one...I'm neither very enthusiastic or vociferous at 5:45AM.)

Anyway I am down to the 230's and feeling way glad to have the 240 range in the rear view mirror of this experience.

All the best everyone and thanks for your support,


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selkie said...

that is AMAZING!! I think it is probably a normal part of this journey that the weight loss slows down - I mean bodies are amazing things and I think they start working with what they are given - and thus even though so much less is going on, the body gets more efficient at "conserving" - regardless, you are all to be congraulated on your losses ! Absolutely amazing.