Friday, May 15, 2009

Calcium Supplements

One of our ongoing concerns -- something that we will forevermore need to be attentive to, is calcium intake. The bypasses that were done to alter the digestive systems for Master and for T create a variety of malabsorption issues, and so it becomes necessary to carefully and routinely supplement certain vitamins and minerals.

There are a variety of options for the calcium citrate that is needed. Neither master nor T were very happy about the initially recommended chewable calcium tablets. They were gritty and simply not very easy to handle, AND they had to each manage to chomp through 6 everyday. It was just too much.

The first thing that we tried, as an alternative, was the Bluebonnet brand liquid calcium. Master likes this one OK, and it only requires two "shot glass" size servings a day to get Him what He needs.

T was not as taken with the liquid, and she's had far more extensive upset stomach problems than Himself. She has found that she does better with the Bariatric Advantage chewy calcium citrate bites in chocolate flavor. She has to take a bunch of them, but they are close enough to candy that it works for her.

So, at least for now, we've got that part of all of this handled.