Monday, May 11, 2009

We Ate Burgers!

Well, OK.
These are not the burgers that we used to eat, and they are surely not the same as what you might buy at any fast food place, but for us, these little burgers were a real achievement.
The burgers I grilled tonight are smaller than what we used to make, and I found these wonderful, skinny little buns. Bread is such an issue for the new tummys that anytime we can find bread that is lighter and thinner than usual, it is a great plus. I toasted these, added some lowfat cheese, and then Master and T each ate about 1/3 of a burger.
Served up with some thin sliced tomatoes and lowfat cottage cheese and a few slices of fresh pear, and we had what felt like a feast! Just the approximation of real food is a huge step forward for this family, and we're loving it.
Oh yeah, and we did it up big with candles on the table.

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Hermione said...

I'm sure everyone loved the burgers, even though they aren't from a fast food outlet. I love those flat buns and buy them for both burgers and hotdogs.

Keep up the great cooking ideas!