Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yesterday's Endocrinologist Visit

Yesterday I had my first post-surgical visit with my "endo." The result is I am now off all diabetes medication and have ceased the small remaining does of diuretic I was on, and the requisite potassium dose I had to take along with the diuretic. That means three more prescription meds I was taking have been discontinued. When I take my morning and evening pills now, it is an experience that is laughably simple compared to two months ago. She hypothesized that my monthly drug expense is reduced well over $2000.00. This should quickly enable my insurer to make up the cost of the surgery and post-surgical care I had, and to have a large net savings over time.

She said that my blood sugar numbers are in a range that would be classified as "pre-diabetic": not even high enough to support a diabetes diagnosis:)

My weight is holding at the level I had last weekend. That is fine. I am confident it will go down as the week progresses.

Thank you for your interest and support.

All the best,


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selkie said...

that is absolutely astonishing. In some ways, it is frightening to think of the health dollars being poured into the ocean of need when iron resolve like yours solves so much of the problem.

You and T. rock - and kudos for taking on the responsiblity of your own health.

As a type 2 diabetic who has succesfully (so far) dodged the bullet for 6 years now (my last full workup came back for the first time in 6 years with NORMAL results)- it ain't easy but there is great satisfaction in being in control of yourself.

littleone said...

that is amazing news !!!

keep on keeping on !!

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Stephanie said...

How wonderful for all of you!! Thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing your story with the world. I am just starting my journey towards the lap band and have so enjoyed reading stories of those that have had weight loss surgery.

Amber said...

I can't express how great it is to hear everything is going so well for you guys.

I wanted to thank you all for writing about it. You were honest and open and, you know...

I'm just glad I was able to give support and root for you all. I was very anxious for a time; all of us readers were, I'm sure. When things were rough, I would check on this blog off and on throughout the day and come here first thing in the morning; worried, wondering, hoping things would be better, giving what words I could, reaching out trying to help.

I'm so VERY glad you are all doing so well! And I just wanted to thank you all for sharing. I know how cathartic it is to blog and I know how valuable and comforting comments can be when you're the blogger, but this went two ways; you took us with you in your experience and I, for one, am very grateful for it. Thanks. :)

M:e said...

I've been playing catch up on the blogs and this is really amazing news. You are both doing so well, you must be delighted.

Love and hugs xxx