Monday, May 25, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We are eight weeks post-operative and feeling better and better. Life is beginning to resemble what will, eventually become "normal" for our household, and we are making strides toward learning how to live this new life we've been given. Holidays, like today (Memorial Day) which used to be for big cookouts and serious feasting do present some emotional/intellectual challenges, but we are figuring it out. Today, we went to the Cincinnati Reds baseball game, and with a few appropriate snacks that we carried to the park with us, we had a very nice, very comfortable time... Life is good and getting better!



littleone said...

You all look fantastic !!!

Keep it up :)

morningstar (owned by Warren)

sin said...

Wow, look at you guys. You look very different.

Can I ask Tom and T... do you feel well enough yet to enjoy the new bodies you are getting or do you still feel crummy and sick?


Raheretic said...

Thanks, littleone.

sin, I feel pretty well. I am past my infectiion. My wounds are pretty much healed. My larger wound now just has a two inch by three inch adhesive "bandaid-like" patch over longer a true dressing, and is all scabbed over. So it is mostly healed.

My medications are down to about one fourth what they were. I see my endocrinologist today for the first time since my surgery, and expect I will lose the last of my diabetes medications. Sue and I managed to get two mile walks in each of the last three days. t accompanied us for the first of those, but then developed a serious foot blister. When I first began walking a few weeks after my surgery, we did a mile in about 50 minutes (including a significant rest part way through.) Now we are doing two miles in about 45 minutes non-stop.

I generally feel better...better than before the surgery. I love my improved appearance and am very excited to become truly thin, which I am convinced I will attain in the months ahead. I love rapid weight loss. It is hugely reinforcing. I love all the new (old:) clothes I can wear and the loads of old clothes off to Goodwill and consignment stores.

Yes, I feel much better and am able to enjoy my new health status. Sex, btw, is way better too. If anything I am almost having premature ejaculation. swan teases me I am like a 16 year old in the back seat of a car. Hmmmm.......I wonder how she knows what that is like:)

Oh yeah, swan gave me a massage on our massage table last night before bed. It was the first since my surgery. It is the first time I have laid on my stomach since the operation and it was fine.

Yesterday we had our giant old dining room table hauled off to make room for our new furniture to be delivered in a couple of weeks. I helped load the heavy table top into the back of the pick up truck that was taking it off. t and swan were holding their breath. Was is too soon for me to lift a heavy weight item? I did fine and feel no ill effects.

So, before I go on and on any longer, I feel well and am enjoying my new self more and more all the time. Sure, there are trade offs. When we got to the ball park yesterday it seemed all I could do was smell hot dogs mustard and beer, and I was practically drooling to have them, but compared to the benefits I've derived, the trade off is a small sacrifice.

I'll let t tell you more about how she is doing, with is all herself:)

Thank you for asking.


P.s. I weighed 234.5 lbs. today or 66.5 lbs. weight loss total to date

Amber said...

Good for you guys, you all look wonderful! :)

jojo said...

Has it only been 8 weeks??? It feels longer from this side - I'll bet it seems longer to you too.

Congrats on your accomplishments and improved health.

T said...

Sin- I feel pretty good. I am eating better with less pukies. If the intestinal track would behave better, I would be thrilled. Either I am in the potty all day or not at all and if it is a "not at all" day....well what follows just plain sucks out loud.

Now, aren't ya sorry ya asked?

When we were at the ballgame, I turned to Tom and asked "Isn't it great to actually FIT in these seats?"

We are loving it....wish I had done it sooner!


Sir said...

So why isn't everyone wearing C hats??

Owner of morningstar

T said...

I look crappy in baseball caps, Sir.

I took a wide brimmed hat to protect my delicate self from the evils of the sun.


sin said...

Tom and T, thanks for the explanations. Not too much info T. And btw, I did wonder the same thing abt the ball caps.