Friday, July 31, 2009


Kaya asked what changes do we see since the weight loss.

First for me was I can cross my legs like a normal person. I have NEVER been able to cross them like a has always been the ankle over a knee. I was STUNNED that I can do this and find I do it all the time now.

There are bones in my butt! Geesh, how do skinny people sit without poking bones thru' their butt cheeks? I feel like I have to haul a pillow around with me to keep from marring furniture with my sharp bits. I also have found rib bones....where in the HELL did those come from??

Shaving legs is easier. Scrubbing the tub is easier. Scrubbing out the fridge is easier. Bathing is easier. Sitting in normal chairs is easier and way more comfy. Trimming toe nails is easier. Getting 3 in a bed is easier.

We went to Red Lobster and I sat in a REAL BOOTH for the first time in years. And there was plenty of room between me and the table.

Walking is easier. Yesterday my office went to a baseball game. I was parked away from the elevator that we usually use, and thought I had 1 flight of stairs to was FOUR! And I did it without breaking a sweat or getting short of breath! I was pretty tickled about that.

I shortened the seat distance in my car because I have more room between me and the wheel. Sometimes I drove with the tips of my shoes, because my tummy was on the wheel.

Shopping is easier. Walking doesn't kill the knee like it used to. Yesterday, I was shopping and forgot to get something on the other side of the store. In the past, I would have deliberated whether that item was REALLY necessary or could I get it on the next trip....yesterday I didn't even think about it, I just hauled my bony butt across the store and back again. No sweat!

Being in public is easier. We look better, feel better, move better. We are perceived differently in professional settings.

I am sure there are MANY more differences and Tom will probably note quite a few, as well.

They say "Change is good".....suddenly I am all for it!



Hermione said...

That's so wonderful, T. And you look fantastic in those pictures in the previous post.

Keep up the good work.


selkie said...

this is so fascinating.

and I bet very little of what you recite here entered your head as some of the benefits. Yet they are, each and every, one something that makes your life more pleasant, causes less stress.

I remember at one point, losing a bunch of weight and SUDDENLY, I was able to do a whole lot of yoga moves I could never complete before! I was shocked - I had always just assumed it was a lack of flexibility - ignoring the reality of a big gut which just plain got in the way!

Getting my pom poms out --YEAH T AND TOM!! and a special cartwheel for Swan too!

kaya said...

Thank you so much for indulging me. I don't even "know" you guys and yet I am so pumped by your progress. :)